TALL GIRLS: Skirts/Dresses too short?

  1. Im 5'8 and It is hard to find a decent length dress, I live on shorts though...I hate wearing dresses then wear something inside just because it's short....I find it very uncomfortable...
  2. Really? I still find "women's" dresses aren't quite the length they're supposed to be, and the waist never sits in the right place. Where do you normally shop for dresses?
  3. These are the places I have luck with dress shopping: Macy's, Nordstroms, Belks, TJmax and ROSS.
  4. Haha oh god, I hear ya!! I'm 5'10 and I go to my friends houses and they let me try on their dresses.. Let me say... Definitely NOT dresses on me!! Don't even cover my bum!

    I find more expensive lines tend to fit better... So steering clear of Forever 21, TopShop, Warehouse, American Eagle, etc...

    I don't have a particular brand I go for which fits well, but rather I try on tons of things and hope for the best! It is difficult!

    I have come to a conclusion though that a lot of the time I will think something is short because of the skirt/dress length to leg ratio, but in reality it's about the same ratio as a girl who is up to a foot shorter than me! It's just the long legs make it look shorter when it really isn't, I've attempted to learn to get used to it lol..
  5. Yep, I am 5 ft 9 and 1/2, for me the bargain brands just don't work any more. I mostly buy Lafayette 148 NY, Elie Tahari, Rebecca Taylor, Missoni, Burberry and Magaschoni. I have actually had to have a few items made SHORTER! Yeah! Such a rarity :smile:
  6. J. Jill, Talbots, Landsend, have a nice selection for tall women.
  7. I wish I had your problem. I'm 5'2 and dresses are too long on me :p
  8. For all my tall girls out there, here's my top source for long length dresses and skirts at wallet friendly prices- asos.com

    Search for "midi" length and you'll find a wide selection of dresses and skirts that should hit at or even slightly below the knee. Several of their midi length dresses are in my regular rotation for the office.
  9. You all have NO idea! Im 14 and Im 6'1 i have been looking for a year for a dress long enough for my schools dress code and they are all pretty much shirts on me! i hate it so much!
  10. I'm 6'1 and don't have a problem finding clothes that are long enough. But when I was younger (I'm 30) I always found that cheaper clothes like forever 21 were always too short but places like gap, banana republic, Nordstrom, jcrew I never have a problem. I only shop sales so I don't find those places that expensive and fit much better. But shirts don't tend to be a problem so I can find shirts anywhere and than find I have to splurge more for jeans , skirts etc.

    I know you said those places were too mature for you but I find that they have things that are youngish if you look. I just bought a bunch of gap dresses that are cute and they come in tall.

    Sometimes when we are tall we just have to realize our limitations. There are some things I just can't buy so I have to avoid but there are great things about being tall too. I'm sure the same goes with being short. So maybe get your tops from those younger cheaper places but on the things that are hard to find you might just have to splurge and go to other places. J crew and banana might be too mature for you but gap is a happy medium I feel. I never shopped at gap and recently went online there and I can't believe how much cute stuff they had and if you buy online there is almost always the tall option.
  11. 5'11" here! :smile:

    I have had good luck with Topshop -- because they have a TALL section of the store! I also find decent options at Zara, J Crew/Banana/Gap (as some other folks have said), The Limited, BCBG, Kate Spade...
  12. I'm a little over 5'9" and I also have found higher end / designer clothes tend to work better on my frame. (I'm also on the thin side.) I like Narciso Rodriguez, Erdem, The Row, Rochas, Etro....
    But my pet peeve with length is when the runway has the dress or skirt length to the knee and the retail production shortens it for the average height - which must be around 5'4"? I see this a lot with Tory Burch.
  13. I've seen this too and I'm always so confused. Whenever i go to Lord and Taylor's or Macy's all of the full-length dresses go to my ankles. I'm like, what?! The average height for a girl is 5'6" or so and I'm 5'6" but the dresses are all made for someone like 5'3" or shorter?

    More expensive places like Neiman Marcus have longer dresses though.
  14. I have such a difficult time finding dresses and skirts that aren't short!

    I have had decent luck in Banana Republic and Anthropologie though. It can be very frustrating!
  15. I don't have this problem at all for I am a median, but my mom is 5'9'', I am looking for a long dress for her all the days but found nothing,.Now she wears trousers everyday and I am thinking to customize a dress for her.