Tall For Fall...A Peek at Fall 2014

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  1. These are amazing! We featured a look at Fall 2014 on TalkShoes today, and wow!

    I found a pair for my imaginary life!


    Jump into the Comments on TalkShoes, too!
  2. Love these! :love:
  3. Omg, the ball of my foot hurts just looking at it! :wtf:

    Now I love me a tall heel, but that pitch with no platform. This Is definitely a dinner party or "walk in and sit my a!! down" lol.
  4. I love wearing heels with no platforms so I'm all for this collection.
  5. Yes! I wouldn't be able to walk in the 130mms, but I love seeing the profusion of styles without platforms.
  6. Oh wow...I would try just as a challenge to walk in the.

  7. :heart::love::hbeat:
  8. I know we would find some fans here :cloud9:

    I could not wear them either, but I love to look!
  9. :sad: Still not loving any of these. I'm a sucker for high heels. Usually the higher the better, but the steep pitch just makes the shape of the shoe look awkward to me. I think 120 is the highest I can see a non-platform look sexy without compromising it's shape.
  10. There is no way I could walk in the 130mm Allenissima but what a statement shoe!


  11. I agree 100%! It is gorgeous!:smile:
  12. I never thought of it like that. I have to put on my pointe shoes a walk Demi pointe and you're right. The shape of the shoe would look incredibly unstable, and ones foot would look squished at the toes because of how steep the pitch is, like almost broken looking.....not a pretty sight.
  13. Love, love, love that he's doing more single soles!! Definitely not going to be grabbing the 130's (I'd hurt myself), but I'm liking the Pigalles and the Ostri.
    On another note, I'm surprised to see the Conquilla. I thought that no-heel wedge look was over. Or maybe I was just hoping it was.
  14. Be still my beating heart!!!
    I really really MUST get the Allenissima!
    What a killer shoe and it's open toe too (don't really like the too pointy toes that are currently in fashion)
  15. I do want to try on the 130mm though lol