Tall Crochet Uggs - Question for Owners

  1. I just bought a pair of the Tall Crocheted Ugg Boots from Nordstroms. They got a few pair in after the New Year & they happened to have my size when I was there Thur. I got the basic ones that slouch down when you wear them (not the ones with the reversible buttons).

    I've worn them for the last 2 days & already noticed that the fleece is starting to ball up and get stuck between my toes. Has anyone else noticed this happened? I would expect this with boots that have been worn for a long time (several months or longer) but not in boots that are 2 days old. It definitely makes the boot less comfortable (I keep curling my toes trying to loosen it up). I have UGG boots that are 2+ years old that aren't doing this. Do you think I have a "defenctive" pair or do these Crocheted ones do this more easier/more often because the lining's not as thick as the regular boots?
  2. One more thing - After wearing these for the last 9 hours, I have to say that these are probably one of the most UNcomfortable pair of UGGS I've ever worn. Instead of slouching nicely, they slip down and bunch up at my ankles causing a gap when I walk - the inside is already flattened out where my tows and ball of the foot press down.

    I odn't know - I'm pretty disappointed and think I might take them back. I know I've worn them, but this is NOT what I paid $120 for. I've heard such wonderful things about these but all I keep thinking is that "I can't wait to get home & take these off!"
  3. I don't know if that is common or not, but definitely take them back if they make you hate them while walking! :smile: