tall boots that are too tall

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  1. hi all,
    i recently bought a pair of beautiful knee high boots from steve madden. the only problem is that shaft is about an inch or so too long. any recommendations as to what i can do about this? can i take them to a shoe repair shop or a tailor to shorten the shaft? thx!
  2. You can definitely take them to a cobbler. I had boots a few years ago that were too wide around my calf and he brought them in a little so I'm sure you can find a good cobbler to shorten yours. Good luck!
  3. thanks! how much does it usually cost?
  4. I'd say between 50-100$ around here in Canada.
    If your going to a good cobbler, he'll charge you more.

    but this probably depends on how much you paid for the shoes overall... if they were 200$ or less, spending 100$ to alter them probably isn't worth it....
  5. This was a few years ago but mine cost $30 (I'm in California, btw). He did a great job and he's right down the street from me so I'm happy that I didn't spend too much. If/when you get it done, just be sure to bring it to someone you trust to do a good job. If you don't already have a cobbler, ask around to find out who people in your area think is good.
  6. just an update...i took my boots to a shoe repair shop close to my apt. (i live in manhattan) to shorten the shaft of my boots. i only cost $25! i was very happy with the job and think it's a small price to pay for boots that fit well. yay! :smile:
  7. Were those boots with zipper or pull on?
  8. Can you tell me the name of the place that you brought them to? I would like to get a pair of boots I got shorten or taken in. Did yours have a zipper? Thanks!
  9. I am also wondering where in NYC did you take the boots? I just received a gorgeous pair as a gift but at 5'3, they are much too tall. I appreciate your response!
  10. Any chance on folding over?