Tall boots in summer?

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  1. Would you think of wearing your black tall knee-high pointy-toed boots w/ 3" heels in the summer? (Think classic sleek Charles David boots). We all have a similar pair, but I have never really thought about wearing boots in the summer, since I am usually more interested in showing off my toes.

    Last evening while on a Thursday night gallery walk, I saw a couple of girls wearing short shift dresses with boots. One even was wearing suede boots, no less. I have to admit that they both looked adorable.

    Your thoughts? Yay or nay? Would you do it?
  2. I say no...Sorry...There are so many fabulous sandals out there:girlsigh:.Why not let the boots for the winter?
  3. haha funny you ask this, because just last night i was trying to hunt down a pair of knee high boots. i never even thought of wearing knee high boots in the summer, but last night i realized it's just a really sexy but not in a i'm-trying-hard kind of look. why not include them in the rotation of shoes like sandals and wedges meant for summer? what looks good looks good regardless of season, imo.
  4. I say yes. Its a mod look with like the shift and baby doll dresses out now. I wouldn't wear them in 90 degrees though. Your feet will sweat.
  5. it really depends on the weather, if its less than 70 then for sure I would put on my tall boots with a cute dress or skirt. I love tall boots and can't get enough of them.
  6. I say no for boots in the summer unless its less than 50 degrees. Its just like wearing a heavy coat & gloves in the winter...u cant wait to get them off....same goes for the boots. I guess it depends where u live. I live in NJ/NY and by the time it gets warm I never want to see my boots again! lol
  7. I have cream boots and have been wearing them with my dresses, yes they are knee high. I get lots of compliments. I will not wear them above 75-80 degree weather because they are hot and uncomfortable.

    We've had a few cold days this week but that will end soon. When Sept rolls around and it gets a little brisk, out they'll come.

    BTW cowboys wear boots all year round.:idea:
  8. It depends on your location. Here in San Francisco, ladies wear boots all year round because it's still windy here during the summer.
  9. Have you smelled their feet?:sweatdrop:
  10. There is no way in hell i would wear knee high boots during summer here in Sydney, even at night it can get way too hot. But it really depends on what the weather/temperature is like, if it were cold then i would definitely consider wearing boots regardless of whether it's Winter or Summer

  12. :roflmfao:I know I wouldn't want to...
  13. I was thinking of this exact thing the other day! I think during the day light colored boots especially white would work. I don't think i would wear black boots in the summertime.
  14. It's going to be mid-50s and raining here tomorrow. I plan on wearing my camel boots!
  15. not black boots - maybe camel or brown boots if it was a slightly chilly day, but anything over 75 degrees - sandals all the way!