Tall boots? Help!

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  1. I'm really new to leggings and shoes in general, lol. I'm diggin the tucked in look - tall boots - but can't afford designer prices. Help ladies! What's in?

    She looks hot in these:

    Good look? Arggg help!
  2. oh I love jess boots, brand anyone?
  3. Steven by Steve Madden makes decent ones and are usually designer "inspired" designs. I believe Steven is the higher end of Steve Madden since soles are leather and it's a slightly higher price point but definitely still affordable! Take a look at this Haydon cuffed boots (InStyle has the cuffed look in it's Fall Shoe must-haves), it's just $80 something at Endless on sale!
  4. charles david or via spiga boots are great prices for designer looks. that's what i used to spend all my money on before i could buy sergio rossis and jimmy choos.
  5. GOOD LUCK! Getting TALL BLACK BOOTS it's a challenge and they tend to sell out fast.:cursing: I scored some Chloe's this Spring and I got the last pair in size 9. NAP has some Chloe black boots (UK Page) right now, size 9 is already gone. I bought these designer boots after searching for less expensive brands i.e. Zappos, Bluefly, Overstock, Nordstroms etc. I found tall black boots but they always had issues like the boot's shaft was tall enough but the heel was too low, or the shaft was too low yet the heel was perfect. If the moon and stars lined up sure enough my size was not available. I literally spent weeks trying to find a pair on a deal.

    I think my size is too common and that creates problems. Good luck I hope you find your boots. Post pics when you get some.
  6. ^^^ I'm a size 5 :hrmm:
  7. JCrew has a very good selection of black tall boots, low and high heeled. They boast their Italian footwear is made from the same factories as the high end designers. They may have a point. These boots have a leather sole and stacked wooden heels for under 400 dollars. Damn nice.;)

    JCrew is showing these boots online now. Hope that helps someone?:tup: