tall boot shaft stretcher

  1. any recommendations for a shaft stretcher? my oversized calves are causing me problems :tdown: my boots won't fit because i think my calves have grown :wtf:

    my boots are leather and it has a cuff so i don't think a plastic stretcher will work (but if you have experience with stretching your boots with these please share!)

    if i get them stretched at a shoe place will they stay stretched or do i need to go in later on?
  2. I didn't know you could get boots stretched!
    I always struggle with knee boots as they just don't fit over my calves, and I didn't even think my calves were that big!
    Where do you get this done?
  3. I'm interested in this also. I went to one shoe repair shop and they told me it can't be done...all he could do is add a strip of leather and redo the zipper. But I dread going that for on $1k+ boots. I know someone told me once that some shoe repair they went to has stretch out the shaft for them. So far I haven't found one who can. I some 2 pairs of Guccissima tall boots that need stretching.
  4. Supposedly you can have a cobbler stretch them up to 2 inches. (I heard from the gals on MUA). It costs usually around $50. And once its done, I don't think you need to do it again. Though I wonder if they got very wet or something if the leather would shrink up?
  5. I've been told the calf part of knee-high boots is very difficult to stretch.
  6. I had one pair stretched out at the Aldo's that I bought them at. Otherwise I usually stretch them out by wearing them indoors and letting them stretch on me and pulling the zipper up bit by bit until they reach the top.
  7. ^ these are pull-on ones & i can't even get them on to wear them inside =( i didn't know ALDO can stretch boots! how long does it take to stretch them?
  8. do you know why its hard to stretch the calf part? i'm worried that i won't even be able to wear my new boots =(
  9. I left my boots with Aldo for about a week, but I think it only takes a few days.
  10. If your in NY go to Jimmys or Angelos to get them stretched, ive had all my Prada boots stretched and you just need to make sure the cobbler you go to knows what hes doing. If you go to Jimmys make sure you actually speak to Jimmy. Should take one or two days and i think i pay something like $20 for each pair.
  11. darnit! i'm in n.california. maybe he can do a chargesend?! haha
  12. woohoo! i had success in stretching my boots!!! i ordered a shaft stretcher & it worked!!! now i can't wait for fall! :p:yahoo:
  13. Just out of curiousity, how much did they stretch?

    Regular boots are always too tight to be comfortable, but wide calf boots are huge on me. It's so annoying!
  14. i bought a pair of coach boots at bloomingdales in atlanta and they stretched them for me.

    my advice is to find the nicest shoe repair place in your area and have them do it.
  15. where did you get one of these and how much did it stretch them? I have some Gucci tall boots screaming for another 3/4 to full inch.