tall black anne klein boots $59 shipped overnight

  1. http://www.amazon.com/AK-Anne-Klein-Dittrich-Leather/dp/B000FK73LO/ref=sr_1_13/103-7641510-4696647?ie=UTF8&s=apparel&qid=1186583535&sr=1-13

    Long time listener, first time caller....:yes:

    I have been getting some amazing bags, for amazing prices from you all...so I thought I should start to share..and thank you all for my new addicction!

    If you get these boots on Amazon they are $67...BUT if you call Zappos and do a price match..the come out to about $59!! They are really cute and the reviews on Amazon were awesome! Zppos people are so nice too!
  2. Wait, I didn't see these on Zappos. Did you buy them off of Zappos or Amazon? I'm confused and I want these boots! Great find! :nuts::graucho:
  3. how cute.
  4. I like I like!
    May have to grab them for fall.winter.
  5. Nvm I see them on Zappos! But how did you price it to be $59? :confused1:
  6. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/p/7274446.html

    Item Sku #7274446 on zappos

    Call them on the 800 number and tell them you want to buy the boots from Zappos using the price match....they will look up the boots on Amazon while on the phone...then they give you 110% of the difference, free overnight ship, free returns...they are super helpful on the phone...I learned this PM trick from this site...and its addicting...since the shoes are $160 (or whatever) on Zappos...you get an additional $8-9 off by going with Zappos...my final bill was $59.99

    PS my friend has these in every color and I have always loved them...I have to tell you they look amazing in person...she is really thin and they fit snug on your legs (no annoying gap) and look great with skinny jeans tucked in if you can pull that look off!
  7. Ahh I just bought them! I am so excited! I wish they had it in dark brown on amazon so I can price adjust it, but the black ones I love as well! Thanks so much nicemeryla!!!! Can't wait til' they arrive tomorrow!!:yahoo::tup::wlae:
  8. Of course they don't have my size =(
  9. i got them too :yahoo: i'm so excited, thanks so much for sharing...
  10. From Zappos.com: The item must be currently available in the same style, size, quantity, and color that is on Zappos.com.

    Amazon do not have my size, will zappos still price match for the size I want?
  11. They (zappos, endless.com too) will only price match the exact same size....I wish it were not the case..but yes I tried...
  12. HI...I got my shoes already! Love those Zappos people!

    They are awesome on...MUCH better than pic...look like hugh designer...but warning...I do not have big calves (but they are not small-just regular work out size)...and they are snug...if you are a marathon runner or have big calves...beware..I don't know if they will fit ...
  13. Wow - thanks! I just got two boots with the price match from amazon and saved $240.88 from the zappos price!!