Talking Yourself Out Of Buying A Bag

  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one. When I get a bag in mind that I want ... I OBSESS until I get it. And it's not like I NEED it ... but I know I really, really WANT it.

    Do you ever try to talk yourself out of buying a bag that you have been obsessing about? The thing is ... I TELL myself that once I get this bag, that I won't want another one for a while, but it NEVER happens that way! I just got a gorgeous Steel Balenciaga just over a week ago and thought it would keep me happy for a while, but these past few days I have been OBSESSING about the LV Mono Lockit. It's all I can think about. I was determined to go to Holts today and see if they have one. In my mind I'm thinking that if I let myself get this one, then I'll be happy and content and not need to get another bag for a while. But I've said that plenty of times in the past and after a few days, I'm on to wanting my next one!

    And it's not like the money shouldn't be put towards paying off the ones I just bought ... I just can't help WANTING it so bad! My mind is torn between doing the right thing (holding off and getting it later) or just going for it and making myself happy.

    So ... has anyone ever been able to talk themselves out of a bag that you really, really wanted?

    Who knows ... by the time I get back to this thread, I may have sucumbed to my desire and have it or maybe reason will have overruled. :oh:
  2. Aw, well good luck getting your Mono're going to LOVE it!! I've fallen in love w/ this bag recently because I think my mom will love's really her style.

    Anyways, I talk myself out of buying a lot of stuff because a) I'm only 15 and don't really have the "income" for buying anything over $50... :p and b) I always end up buying so many of the same style

    I also have the same problem as you...I'm never really content. I'll cross one thing off the wishlist, but then 5 more things get added on.. :graucho:

    So I guess my advice is, don't always try to talk yourself out of something because you might regret it, but just think through each purchase to see if it's practical [for example, will you use the lockit a lot? if so, go for it!]

  3. I'm like that too. Good thing I don't obsess about bags that are too expensive...yet. I know the obsession will pass, because as you say, another bag will come along. So I just wait it out. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.
  4. I understand, I'm going thru the same thing right now ... for some reason I've been obsessing over a L.A.M.B. bag I saw in Nordstrom. I wish I just bought it when we were in the US for holidays ... now I'm debating if I should just order it from Nordstrom, buy one from Holts or just wait it out;)
  5. I'm like that too! I usually let my obsession torture me for at least a week just to test if anything else catches my eye during that time. If it still bothers me, then I try and let something else go before I buy the new bag(although this doesn't always work out so well). If that doesn't work, I list the amount and all the items that I could be buying instead (like 2 months worth of food, a few nice jackets, etc.). If all this doesn't dissuade me to buy the bag and after a week I'm still obsessing, the I give in and get the new bag.
  6. Well the first thing I do when I'm obsessing is try to stay off this forum as much as possible. And if I'm still paying off a bag I just got, I tell myself I can't get it until I pay off the last one - PERIOD. When the credit card has a zero balance, I then will jump back on board with the obsessing. Sometimes, I have already changed my mind. I must be responsible with my finances and that fact comes before all else.
  7. it is v hard to talk urself out of something u r fixating on! the only thing u can do is say oh, it is the wrogn size, opr oh, i dont think i haev a lot to go w that...
  8. I definitely obsess over bags. My last purchase was a Furla Yolande and I even had dreams about it! LOL I just knew I had to get it.

    I try to say that the bags I purchase will do me over for a while. It usually works but when it's not bags I'm buying it's shoes, clothes or something else.

    You might want to consider trying to focus on rarer items, if you really want to cut back. If it's a rare bag or it's not even made anymore, when I come across something I really want then I have no choice but to buy it. lol But the LV is something you can get later, can't you? ;)
  9. as soon as i started reading this thread - i knew exactly what you were talking about! this has happened to me so many times - my first was probably the balenciaga first bag, i had wanted it for so long, and kept pushing actually buying one away, and i found that after so much time went by, i didnt have the slight bit of interest in it anymore. since then ive moved on to 'better' bags. its all a matter of time, i think. and i have a serious case of bag a.d.d.
  10. I'll share what I tell myself, at the risk of sounding like a grandpa lol... ;)

    Ok so you just bought a $1,000 bag and now you're wanting another $1,000 bag? You have no idea how lucky you are to be able to have even ONE $1k bag. Just think about the majority of the people in the world, who don't have the means you do, they'll never be able to afford that. Be thankful for the bags you have. There are people out there who would be so envious of all you have. You're very lucky, be grateful.

    Please don't anyone think I was directing that at them, that's just an example of what I tell MYSELF b/c believe me I want $1,000 bags all the time lol!
  11. Oh yeah, I'm exactly like that. I wish I wasn't. *L* It gets very expensive, especially now that I'm branching out from just Coach, into Chanel. *oiy*

    Unfortunately I don't have the budget to just go out and buy a Chanel bag when it strikes my fancy, so thankfully I don't have to worry too much about them, but I do obsess quite a bit. I don't charge my bags though, I buy them outright so that really limits me too at times.

    It has happened to me in the past, that I've obsessed about a bag to the point of needing to have it, but then when I got it I used it once and discovered it just wasn't practical and because of the price I was paranoid to carry it. (my one and only Fendi Spy).
  12. I'm totally like that!! It's hard to stop. I find that if I give it a few days, I usually move on to something else or forget about it all together.....unless I'm really in LOVE!!
  13. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

    Well ... I think I have been overcome by my want and am planning on going to Holts tomorrow morning to have a look at it. Ok, who am I kidding? I'm going to BUY it! I know I shouldn't ... I don't need it ... but I can't stop thinking about it and how much I'll love it!

    I figure I have been obsessing about this bag for about 5 days now, so that's enough time to judge if I should really get it or not, right? :smile:

    I'm really hoping after this one though that I'll be content and not obsess about anything else. I really need to get a handle on all my bag spending this year. I have my name waitlisted for a Chanel Baby Coco Cabas which is the only other bag I want to let myself get (if I can even get one ... seems they are hard to come by now).
  14. This is what I do now and it helps... it also helps that I don't like a big mess in my closset so I get rid of anything that I don't really use.
  15. When I get obsessed with a new bag, I open my closet and look
    1)if I have something similar. that way I won't waste money
    2) if my other clothes, accessories etc will match with the bag, otherwise I'd have to buy a new outfit just for a bag - it's not worth!
    But if I really fall in love I can't help myself...