Talking to SA outside the store...

  1. Today something really natural, but awkward happened. I walked down the street and suddenly one of the SAs I've purchased from went by, and we exchanged smiles and nodded etc, kind of like you would do with any other aquainted person of yours. However, it hit me that this is actually an SA, not a "personal friend" of any kind. So in that way I felt like it was kind of weird. I kept thinking how weird it would be to meet an SA f.ex when out clubbing. O.o

    Have any of you had any encounters with your SAs outside the shopping in store?
  2. you mean your SA didn't even stop to ask how you were doing and what you were up to? that's quite odd as i've ran into my SA before outside of the LV environment and she was very friendly and we chit chatted a bit. definitely not best friends forever or anything but definitely not just a nod either. hmmm...maybe it's just your SA not feeling comfy with running into people she knows from work? :shrugs:
  3. When I went into Burberry last year to buy my trench coat I recognized one of the SAs but couldn't figure out from where, then I realized that she used to be my SA at Coach. She recognized me too and said that working for Burberry was a lot more fun. Ha.
  4. Not my SA's but an SA from Saks LV and Gucci I see at the bars a lot! I dont really talk to the Saks LV guy, and I hate the Gucci guy, hes so rude
  5. LOL - like seeing a teacher outside of school =)
  6. No, we were both in a hurry, just passing by on the street. ^_^
  7. I've seen my store manager at Louis Vuitton at a chic cafe once and we stopped and chatted. I had just bought a luggage piece from her, and I wanted to do more shopping so she told me of new and amazing stores in the area. I would be disappointed if she just nodded and kept walking. :push:
  8. I don't always recognize people when they are out of their environment- it embarrasses me when I figure it out later.
  9. I agree! lol I've never met my SA outside of the LV boutique (cuz I'm very sheltered lol) but I've met this old perv-like teacher back from high school.... he smiled at me................:shocked:
    Anyway, I would think meeting your SA would be fun, no? lol but then it would really pressure you into going back to the boutique and buy more stuff lol
  10. Yick! Those are the worst :yucky:
  11. Why does this happen to me too:shrugs: . He was our French teacher:roflmfao:
  12. I saw my SA walking back from lunch one day and she smiled and waved and i smiled and waved back.
  13. aaaaaah. thats the worst.
    i was skateboarding with all of my brothers friends and i saw my teacher walk by. and she was like. uh. hi.
    lol. it was WIERD.
  14. My sa works at a crafts store so i see her a bit there.
  15. esp. when you see your teacher AT Neimans!!:nuts::wtf: