Talking about Shoulder Bags, what is it with the Trim that the Tsako doesn't have?

  1. I've been thinking about the Trim and the Tsako. The Tsako IMO is an easily forgotten bag, whereas everybody (myself included) is crazy about the Trim. I wonder, what is it that the Tsako is missing? Is it the Jackie O Allure?
    What are your thoughts?
  2. I've never seen a Tsako except on e-bay but I always see Trims at Hermes. Maybe the Tsako just doesn't have enough exposure. There are a lot of H bags you never see and I only learned they were in existance from you all. :flowers:
  3. Personally, I think the Trim is a little 'finer', as in the clasp is smaller, the shoulder strap isn't as thick....small details like that....I actually really like both...the Tsako hangs ever so slightly lower on me.
  4. Hmmm..... somehow the Tsako has a decidedly 70s look about it, I just can't help it. While the Trim is definitely timeless. When I imagine myself carrying a Tsako, I am not entirely comfortable with the idea, whereas I have zero problem imagining a Trim.
  5. I bought a Tsako years ago on eBay for a song. The canvas strap just didn't sit that well on my shoulder and it hung lower than I'd liked it to be. In the end, I sold it.

    To me, the Trim is a lot more classy and sophisticated. JMHO.
  6. I bought a Tzako in the 80's, but I sold it to a friend after a few years...I also think that the Trim is more timeless....
  7. Does anyone have a picture of the Tsako?
  8. what about my poor cacahuette? talk about unknown. lol
    it's allure is definitely not built on its exposure, yet i think it's a stunning and unique bag (i just have come to realize that i'm not a shoulder bag girl, pity) and i've carried it exclusively for 3+ years and will do so for another 3 most likely. traveling with it this past week, i can continue to swear by clemence - talk about durable. i like that the cacahuette is not too sporty for a shoulder bag.
  9. HH you have a pic?
  10. not a good one. it's on the members items thread. i will try to post more when i get home, maybe tomorrow or wednesday.
  11. Love your bag HH, it's gorgeous! :yes:
  12. I'd love a more detailed picture of the cacahuette...

    For the Tsako, I think the shape has aged and isn't anything special.
  13. hi all. i will provide the pics in a day or 2, i promise. the ones i have previously posted were lousy. should i add them to this thread?
  14. Why don't you add them to the Member's items thread and post a link here. That's the easiest I think. Thanks for doing this! :smile:)