Talking About Fake's..

  1. er... can't see anything without registering... =/
  2. This spiked my interest, but it seems like you need to pay $5 to enter the community... pathetic tw*ts.

  3. Actually, judging by the fact that you had access to that forum before and know that it's about fake purses (which isn't really apparent from seeing the registration page), this thread is a little fishy to me.

    Also your previous thread:

    appears to me like you might be testing our community to see if they can spot your own fakes. Maybe I am paranoid, but I've seen many things on the web and this just screams like matjes filets.
  4. Good job Vlad! I love our forum and it's people like her that ruin our honest community! Thanks Vlad!!!
  5. So you pay 5$/year and get acces to a lot a wp who sell fakes? So now we know how the ebay sellers receive their goods.It sucks!!
  6. thanks Vlad!
  7. ...and fakes shouldn't have an apostrophe.

    The end.
  8. Super Sleuth Vlad to the rescue :nuts:
  9. Speaking of matjes filets...


  10. ^^^YAY For Vlad!!!
  11. What is that Vlad? Eel or one of those slimy harings that I've seen so many people here dip in raw onion and eat. YAG!
  12. Thanks Vlad!!!
  13. ewwww fish:sick:
  14. LMAO, that was my first thought too. I want to clarify... THAT Daisy is not ME Daisy!! eep!