Talkin' Birkins, Buyin' Jewelry!

  1. My SA called me last week, letting me know that she was back (she had been out a couple of weeks) and that she wanted me to come by to say hello, and bring pictures of my mom's wedding - brought one of me with the Karo, of course :nuts:

    I stopped by today, and we got to talking wallets first. I really want a compact Dogon in orange or raisin togo. They didn't have any compact Dogons in the store, only the regular size, and quite a few regular size Bearns. She showed me a photo of a new wallet style that is coming out (?) that has the Kelly-style closure. It will be available in chevre, box and another leather (forgot which one). Looks gorgeous! But it's out of my price range for a wallet, and I love the casual look of the Dogon in togo :love:

    Sooo, I casually asked her about purchasing a Birkin and how it works specifically in this store. She brought out a form and got all of my information, such as what size, color, hardware and leather Birkin I'm looking for, along with name, address and credit card info. I told her 35cm (but that I would consider looking at a 30cm if they received one) chocolate, vert olive or rouge h, all PH, all togo. She said she would give it to the store manager to sign off on, and said that there wouldn't be a problem, since I have been stopping by for a few months now, buying things here and there, etc.

    Does this sound positive? It sounded like it, but I'm not sure...? I don't mind waiting at all, but would my chances be better with a reseller, once I'm ready to buy? Just curious as to who else has gone through something similar, or if the Rules of Birkin are different at your particular store :p

    After trying on a few different goodies (a barenia croc CDC cuff with PH - T D F! :drool:), I walked out with a treat of my own, something I've had my eye on for a while :nuts:


  2. What treat?!!
  3. woohoo!!
  4. :nuts: !!!


  5. Dear Ms. C:

    SO HAPPY for you!!! It sounds like your SA is going to 'put some action together' and try to get you your ideal Birkin!!!!!!!

    YES, it is extremely HARD to go home empty handed whenever you enter the H store......

    Can't wait to see what your first Birkin would be???
  6. Thanks, Morgan :smile: It might be awhile, but I'm prepared to wait, seeing as how I'd like to land a new job before I get a call about a Birkin LOL :p

    Here's the treat! :nuts: It's the horn and enamel necklace I drooled over during my first visit to the boutique. I love it!

    Please excuse the badly cropped modeling pictures - with the way my hair looks today thanks to the raging humidity, there was no way my mug was going to make it into these shots :p




  7. now that is just sexy. and will look so good with that massai of yours!
  8. Thanks, GG! And it will look good with cleavage (I hope), seeing as how I'm getting my boobs done next month :graucho: LOL I can't hide my excitement anymore - August 31 :nuts:
  9. congrats on getting the process going with your birkin. sounds like very good news to me!
  10. CHRISTINA - that horn necklace on you is gorgeous!
  11. Congrats on your new necklace and impending boobs!!!
  12. LOL! Thanks :p Looking at these pictures makes me realize why I chose to have them done ;)

    Thank you, pazt! :heart:
  13. :roflmfao: I'm choking with laughter while eating my lunch!

  14. You crack me up!
  15. Congrats Cristina!