Talked to the SA @ my Coach store today

  1. She said that they are suppose to have the new perfume in the store on March 5th. She asked if I wanted to be added to the list for them to call when it comes in & of course I said "YES". Hopefully this date doesn't change.:yahoo:
  2. exciting!!!!
  3. Cool.
  4. I got it last week! I LOVE IT!!!!! I got the purse spray but I will get the big bottle as soon as it's in the stores. So cute!
  5. I think it smells great!:yes:
  6. YAY! I still don't know what it smells like, but I want it.
  7. Man! We really need a scratch and sniff board on here!
  8. It is absolutely divine. I think that I will get the purse size bottle. :smile:
  9. My Store told me yesterday to make sure I came back March 5th for the perfume....