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  1. About the Black patent Romy bag!! I recently had the pleasure of seeing this bag...Its a beauty!! What do you all think??
  2. Not really my thing, but I don't hate it! I wouldn't mind keeping it if it were a gift. As I always say, if you love it and can afford it, GET IT! :tup:
  3. The Romy medium tote this year stands out in the crowd! That’s because of the shine in the texture of the bag. This purse incorporates grommet, buckles and bright, white metal. Lay this out on shiny, silver python or black patent leather and you’ve got yourself a Romy tote. The handles are a cut-out style and go with the high-tech look of the overall purse.
    The Romy Boston bag is equally unique and is styled similarly to its tote sister. The Romy Boston purse comes in both medium and large and is available in black python and black patent leather. Like the tote, the Boston bag material is shiny and bold with metal embellishments, although this style is subtler. The Romy purses by Gucci sell for $1695 to $3500.

    I read this on a purse blog....trying to find a pic so I can get more thoughts from you all.
  4. I can not find a pic of the one I love...its like an envelope and its hand held...its so pretty.
  5. Is it on the site? You're right, pics of it will help, I was going by memory.

    This?? Its on bluefly..:

  6. No its big...that is the medium Boston bag...I just can not find it.
  7. I'll look around. If it looks like that but bigger then its hot! I still don't know if I'd get it or not, but it IS hot:smile:
  8. They have this on bagborrowsteal:


    it says large
  9. They also have a medium. And I'm lovin the tote:

  10. THATS THE ONE THAT IS ON ITS WAY TO ME!!! lol...thanks for finding the pic! Isnt it HOT!!!!
  11. where did you find that pic?!!!!
  12. The large one is on bagborrowsteal and I found the tote when I searched images in google for large black patent romy boston. Yes it/they are hot! When do you get it?
  13. sunshine -- i am so jealous (hee hee)... you will love her!!
  14. It should be here in a few days. I will post a thread about for sure! Im so excited about it. I have been looking for a black bag for ages and this one just looks so different and fun. (its the tote by the way!) Hollaaa!!
  15. Ohhh! Thats great! I love the tote way more.:yes: Can't wait to see pics!