Talk to me of the Cole-Haan Paige Convertible Tote

  1. Linking to the eBay listing since I borrowed her photos:

    I love it, but do you think I will be able to use it as work bag for at least the next several years? (That buckle seems kinda 70s to me.)

    Would you characterize it as timeless?

    Anybody have one? Experiences?

    I like it because it has the dual straps, and can hold a laptop. Have heard such great things about the brand here, too. And only $425 retail.

    Best to all.
    ch_paige_toteblk2.jpg ch_paige1.jpg ch_paige_toteblk1.jpg
  2. I really like it!

    I think it could last for the next few years - especially since its black - can't go wrong there~!

    But I am a bit worried about that buckle as you say - it might be considered tacky after a while - but i love the shape and how the pockets are places - so I think it should give you a good run!
  3. I've actually had my eye on this very same bag. I like the dual straps (double handles/shoulder strap). I haven't seen one on eBay for a while, nor have I seen them on any of the websites (NM, Saks, etc.). I thought it might have been only available last season.
    Is this a style that they carry over from season to season?

    Does anyone know about the inside? Pockets? Lining? And how does the leather measure up to some other designers?
  4. iluvmybags--you can get it at and also at Nordstrom's.
  5. iluvmybags, I saw this at Nordie's the other day. It's a *big* bag (I was looking at the medium and my friend laughed at me because she thought I was holding a suitcase - I'm 5'2" for reference)! From what I can recall the interior lining was cotton and it had structured pockets on one interior side for cell phone, PDA, etc. Excellent as a work bag, IMHO.

    There is quite a bit of depth to the bag, so if you want to access something small you may have to "layer" your items in the bag.

    Super-cute shape! And Nordie's had the black medium and bone (yum!) for summer. Colehaan site has the small (10x14) on sale in british khaki tan for almost 35% off!
  6. I Love It!!!! Yes Yes Yes!!!
  7. after drooling over this bag for months, i caved and bought one. i couldn't find it in bottle green (limited edition, of course!), so i got it in black. it's a wonderful work bag - i think you should go for it!

    size: it's really big, but not so big that you'll look like you're hauling your closet with you. it's certainly not a balenciaga weekender. and it can fit a laptop, though i haven't tried yet fitting my 15.4" HP laptop into mine. if you've got a 14", you're in the clear.

    inside: i believe it's got canvas lining in a brown fabric. (it's at home right now, so i'm working from memory) and it's definitely roomy. both sides of the bag have zipper pockets, and the built-in cell phone pocket and other pocket (lipstick/pens/perfume) are quite useful.

    straps/handle: the shoulder strap is thin, and i worry that carrying a heavier laptop will hurt the shoulder and that the strap isn't made to support a whole lot of weight. that said, i haven't yet tested this out. the handles feel great in your hands. they're shaped perfectly.

    look: this is timeless. i don't think the buckle will go out of style. i don't use the front pockets, instead keeping them stuffed with paper to make sure they keep their look and don't 'cave in,' if you know what i mean. because of the size of the bag, you'd have to set the bag down or hold it up in the air (and look silly, i think) to get in and out of the pockets, anyway, so they're not really made for quick in-and-out items like cell phones or keys.

    weight: this is a heavier bag. like all cole haan bags, the leather is supple and substantial. i find myself petting this bag when no one's looking. i'd consider this bag more of a cooler weather bag because it's heavier and the leather is so thick, but that's just my take. now that the weather is warmer, i just bought a much lighter tokidoki zucca to carry to work with me instead of the paige, but i'll pull out the paige again come fall.

    gosh, i just love this bag. i hope this helps! :smile:
  8. ^^Okay. The smaller one doesn't seem to be convertible (though the drop is such that it can be worn on the shoulder comfortably).
  9. Passerby, I noticed you have always have awesome links for bags! I love them! I am now thinking of returning that Roots bag so I can get this bag! I wonder if I should go for the large size - but that one doesen't have a strap though... hmm

    I doubt that this bag can carry a laptop though - unless its one of those smaller ones.
  10. I don't know how dated the buckle will look - but it looks like a good size and shape
  11. The buckle isn't dated, it is classic. It is like the buckle on the Lanvin Kansas. Very classy. I just think it IS too big. You ladies are confusing a lovely bag, with its size. The bag is lovely, the size is gigundo. It IS like toting a suitcase around no matter how much you justify it... If you really need such a big tote for work, then go for it. Otherwise...there's a whole world of black handbags out there...
  12. I've never seen this bag in person. I wonder, how this bag's size compares to some other larger bags. Like Marc Jacobs' Stella bag? Or what about Mulberry's Bayswater?