Talk to me about your Sophia. . have you carried it much?

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  1. So I did the PCE thing today.

    I was sure I would walk out of the store with the Madison hobo.

    I didn't. It's just too huge, even for me. And my favorite bag is the Garnet Ella. It seemed more like a beach bag than a purse.

    Anyway, much to my surprise, I walked out with three Sophias: red patent, black pleated and toffee croc embossed. Still not sold on the style.

    My question is this: if you have one, have you carried it much? How does the shape change? Is it awkward with the longer strap?


    Kept my receipts.
  2. Not sure if you have seen the Thread about Sophia's???It is a thread with some sharing their thoughts about Sophia:smile:I myself have not stopped using mine.I love the shape more so than any bag right now:smile:I purchased the Dotted op art Small in Black~I don't have any issue's with her at all, I like the lining, the size, and I don't find that she buckles.May I ask what size you purchased? If you are not sure about this bag, then it probably is not the bag for you!Hope this helps:smile:
  3. I bought the large. The small is just too small for me.
  4. I have both the large and the small. I have used both and love the small the best. The large is great when you want some extra room, but the small is my favorite. Neither size feels awkward with the shoulder strap as that is the way I use them most of the time. It's a great bag in so many ways. I think you made really good choices on your textures and colors. The toffee croc bag is amazing.
  5. Thanks. I considered the pleated gray one, but it didn't thrill me like I thought it would. I may regret that one.

    The toffee croc is just so "me". I almost put it back because I really don't need it, but, then, I don't need any of them.

    I think I'll crack the tags on the red patent and carry it tomorrow. Yay!!
  6. What a great threesome! That's one of the things I love about the Sophia, you can get 3 and they're all so different. I would love to have any one of those.
  7. I've carried my large black croc for about a week now and I am in love with her!!!
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    I think the shape of each may vary once you put your things in them. I saw someone carrying the large red patent Sophia and its shape was totally different with the stuff she had in it. I actually liked the soft way it "drooped" (I'm sure there's a better word) and the folds that the weight of her contents created looked so soft. I made up my mind that it would be my PCE purchase if I can justify another bag.:graucho:
  9. I ordered the toffee lg croc & got it today, but it has a long messed up place on the back side so I have to send it back in for a different one, but I love it! I think it will break in so nicely. I can't wait to hear how the patent breaks in, I think i want it as well! Congrats on your trifecta- you did get a great threesome!
  10. I LOVE my purple dotted op art Sophia. I bought the large because the small looked like a swing pack on me .. LOL! I was really surprised that I could put the shorter handles over my shoulder so I have been wearing it like that or like a satchel. Today I used the longer strap for the first time and it looked great! It did not droop or fold like some people mentioned, but I think it helped that I had a bunch of stuff in there -- water bottle, book, lunch, wallet, umbrella, etc. :smile:!
  11. I wonder about the shape, too, and if it varies according to which leather or fabric it is made in. For example, in all the pictures of the Sophia with the flowers on it, the corners seem to droop instead of sticking straight out. The pictures from the fall styles thread shows it that way on display, too, with the corners drooping and giving it an entirely different silhouette. I actually like the look when the corners are not sticking out at right angles, but I wonder if the gathered leather will do the same corner droop, or if the corners could be encouraged to droop or fold into the bag.
  12. OMG I got my pleated grey on wednedsay and I love it. This is easily one of my most fave bags ever. Doesn't buckle at all. I don't plan on using the long handle so I Cant comment. I personally don't think it looks stylish carried that way.
  13. I got the purple large dot op art today acutally. I haven't cut the tags off of her yet. I am wondering on the strap too. Will never carry her like a satchel. Just don't like satchel type bags personally. I would prefer her to be crossbody, but no such luck. I really really like her stuffed with stuff. :smile: The shoulder strap seemed to fit better and she hung better on my arm full of stuff. I didn't think I would like that big of a bag either, but I figured with fall coming around and 4 kids it could really easily fit jackets in there.
  14. I got the Mahogany sophia and am so happy that I finally got that brown bag to add to my collection! Can't wait to use it.

    Seen in photo with dotted op art large wristlet and box with cow fob.

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  15. Congrat's! I love your Sophia and wristlet~I want that wristlet in the black to match my bag!I just cannot say enough good things about Sophia!I look forward to carrying her.I think the cow fob is adorable:smile: