Talk to me about website design

  1. So I'm faced with the task of hiring someone to completely revamp my site but don't want to seem like a total luddite when I get quotes. So...anyone here know the right questions to ask to get the best rates? What is a reasonable rate for a total overhaul? Where do I find a reputable designer or company?
  2. 'The best rates' is really a subjective matter, since rates will change drastically depending on what you want done. I would recommend making a list of the features you want so that you have a scope, then look for people that have done similar things since they would be more efficient at them.
  3. Hi, before talking to a web design company/freelance designer, here's a mini checklist of the things that you should figure out
    -Project Description, list all the details that you would like to have
    - Software needed:
    -prepare a website sample/similar designs of what you want.

    others will ask for your budget range, it will really depend on the extent of details that will be done and when do you need it (ASAP, or at a given timeframe)

    I think contacting a web design company will cost you more but you will be more secured with the result, nothing against freelancers but you have to choose a referred freelancer that can be vouched for his good work:graucho: