Talk to me about UV Gel nails...

  1. Anyone have them? Can you really have perfect nails all the time without ruining the natural nail underneath with these and with no shipping of the polish? Please share your experiences...:smile:
  2. I used to do this and it was an amazing system called biosculpture (I think) that the technician used. No chipping, just put on and forget. The drawbacks for me were it was hard to fit in the infill appointments which I needed every two to three weeks and the colour range was very limited (although I think you can put varnish over the top if you prefer. I also found the soak off when a new set was required a pain. I would go back though if I had the time.
  3. much does the fill cost?
    And it was late when I was typing..I meant "chipping", not "shipping" of nail varnish on them:p.
  4. From memory, I was paying about £40 for a set of gel nails and about £25 for infills/repairs every fortnight.
  5. I've had both acrylic and UV gel nails, when i decided to go from acrylic to gel, getting the acrylic off my nails was a nightmare with ripped broken nails and a lot of damage done so for that reason I can't see myself ever getting acrylic again. the gel nails were really nice but i didn't think they looked quite as "perfect" as the acrylic but that might have just been the girl who was doing them. when I got sick of going in every second week for a refill i stopped and they came off without any damage at all to my nails.
    I would defintely get gel nails again and have been thinking about it. I think there were 30 colours to choose from memory. I have seen a lot of posters up in salons advertising gel toenails which I am thinking about going in for. Does anyone have any experince?
    I murder my pedicures and I am pretty sure i remember being told that because the nails on the feet grow alot slower a refil is only every 6 weeks? but i am worried that the nail will look kind of thick if you know what i mean - sorry that sounds pretty gross.
  6. ohh and to answer your original question they never chipped on me
  7. We just had a thread about this a couple of weeks ago, I will see if I can find it.