Talk to me about TMA

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm seeing a TMA fever spreading throughout the Belenistas.

    Talk to me about this bag please, tell me the pros and cons, and why you love it so much, how you use it, and what place it serves in your collection.

  2. We dont want to know...
  3. I like the rustic, country, casual look of it. It looks so slouchy and soft and yummy...
  4. I don't have one yet, but I'm partcipating in a midi bespoke. From the photos I've seen, I like the casual look of the bag. I love the chain strap, and I like how useful the front pockets look, and I think I could get a lot of usage from this bag. Once I get it, I'll be able to tell you more.
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    Hi TG,

    I hope your feeling well today!

    Here's the scoop on the TMA:

    It's just an overall GREAT bag! To me, this is my perfect travel bag (besides my TME)! I also like it for weekend wear!!!

    Also, when I have playdates this is the perfect bag to tote along! It's an adorable "mommy" bag. I wouldn't say this is a CHIC bag like my TME. It's entirely different then your plum crash! That bag is sexy chic and this is adorable/cute/practical!!!!

    Normally, I prefer sexy/chic at all costs. But, just this once - I"M really loving the TMA style. It speaks to my practical and "mommy" side of my personality! (As much as I love sexy/chic, I"m really in mommy mode 24/7)!!!!

    It would have made the "perfect" bag when I was attending graduate school! But, that's okay. Better late then never that I discovered it!

    I hope this helps!
    :heart: Lovebags2
  6. I think I'm drawn to this style because it's so different from other bags that I've seen out there. I even think that the Love Me (which I adore), is a little reminiscent of the (JChoo) Ramona and Bbags. The TMA was what first drew me to BE, but I was very concerned about the size...while I do like large bags, I realized I was trying to use smaller bags. My back was crying after 4 years of baby bags. So when the opportunity for the TMA Midi came up (in one of my most favorite leathers - the matte tan), I knew it was a "sign" from above! LOL!

    While I love Jackie's styles, only a few have ever "spoken" to me (more like "shouted" at me!)....and I'm happy to say that I have answered those calls with those bags I do have. The TMA is clean and modern looking to me, but still has the oomph of the pretty pockets and stitch details. Maybe it's keeping with my fantasy of traveling around the world, carrying my BE bag, falling asleep, and laying my head on the pillowy leather...
  7. TG, :heart: you Sweetie! Hope you're on the mend. Don't go doing any cartwheels or back-flips, ok??! ;)

    The TMA is "bohemian-chic" in my opinion and is basically a bag that can carry your entire life and look effortlessy "wow" if you kwim!!

    Both sizes are great! I :heart: Tash's matte black....I believe Clu has it too....that bag is ICONIC! Take it anywhere and never look bag...I mean back!!!

    And as chic and sexy as you are TG, I could definitely see you with one of these in the Midi size.....perhaps Aubergine? or the delicious Pale Grey sheen! *swoon!*
  8. ^^^
    Not to hijack but all this info is super! I tried the TMA in the old choco matte ages ago but it was just too big for me. I think maybe it was the leather since that one was a little drier? Anyway, I decided to take the plunge on this one again but in a lighter leather I totally love...What do y'all think of it in black crash?! I think the crash might help it slouch down more...the height and length is a just a little smaller than the large WTM (if I remember correctly!) and I love, love, love my large WTM so I think I could love this one too! Plus I could totally use another big black bag to rotate with the large black Hug Me...
  9. Who is doing a bespoke for the midi, and in what colors? I might like a TMA to me ladies who are organizing a bespoke in this.
  10. I don't have a TMA---yet! But it reminds me of a chic daypack, only with comfortable shoulder strap. I also think it reminds me of clothes, like a cute skirt or pair of shorts, with the frilly pockets on the back of the skirt, so to speak. It has a waistline...

    I love it in the matte leathers and am getting teh dark grey, but don't see why it wouldn't look glorious in black crash?
  11. I got a new Chocolate Matte TMA (my first BE!) from eBay early in the year. I was interested in the TMA after seeing the modeling picture from SHC in the second post of this thread:

    I only use my TMA for work since it is big enough to carry my laptop and everything else I need for work. Although a lot of people think it is a very casual bag, I think the TMA is fine in a business casual environment. It gets a lot of attention at work due to the size, the chocolate leather, and the style - the gold rings and fringed pockets are hard to miss. I only wish that I had a black (matte or crash) TMA with silver hardware instead of the chocolate with gold hardware.

    I think a midi version of this bag is a good idea. For me, the TMA is too big to use as an everyday bag since it would overwhelm me and I don't carry enough stuff with me to justify using it that way. However, I know a lot of women love to carry big bags like this all of the time, so it's a matter of preference.
  12. I love the TMA. It definitely has a more casual look, but once the leather is broken in, it's the perfect everyday tote. I have it in black matte and it's indestructable. You can fit everything in it without looking like you are carrying a lot. I prefer the look when carried by the 2 straps rather than the longer messenger strap. I find the messenger strap tends to slide off my shoulders, though I do have bony shoulders. It is a big bag, but I think Jackier got it just right when designing it.

    My only gripe: it gets kind of heavy when you do stuff it full.
  13. I have the TMA in petrol and I think it is perfect for this style. It is very slouchy and the leather is lighter than the chocolate matte. It dresses up the bag enough for work, but it still goes beautifully with more casual outfits.
  14. This was the bag that initially attracted me to BE and I'm finally getting one!! I'll give you a report as soon as she arrives - she's currently somewhere between Jackie's showroom in the UK and my home in California!

    I hope you're feeling much better TG!!