talk to me about the WTM messenger!


Jul 8, 2007
Hay-on-Wye, UK
I've been stalking the forum for ages...drooling over all the gorgeous pictures.

My BE stash doesn't really qualify as a stash...I have a purple pebbled Hold me, an aubergine TME and a tan TME.

We've got a lot of travel planned for the next year, and while I love these bags, the open top is not so perfect for pickpocket-risky cities, which we will be hitting. I'd love to get a BE with a zipper top, and the WTM is calling my name.

I hate that when I travel I often fall back to my LSS Charlie and my TME rests in the hotel room. And its fabric is so thin, its not the safest, either.

Any thoughts? I travel pretty light - wallet, camera, cell phone but DO need to pack a small few snacks for the kids and MAYBE a pair of panties/leggings for my "I don't need to wee" daughter.

Thanks, Belenistas!


Feb 8, 2007
I use the WTMessenger a lot, but only when I don't need more than my absolute essentials..which are: water bottle, wallet, make-up bag and/or a pocket camera, but this is more or less what I bring along me without bulking the bag too much.

The WTM midi could be an option , but it will weigh you down a bit, because of the hardware..that is if you like to go light-weight. At the same cost as a WTM midi..actually a little less.. you can have a Tote me midi with a zipper put in. This size will hold what you want to bring along without being too heavy.The model is also very light to carry either as a messenger or hand-held. An outer pocket added to this bag will be a major plus!


May 19, 2009
Along the Thames
I love my WTM Messenger and I think it would carry what you need. Bonnie has suggested a really good alternative and that is the Tote Me Midi with a zipper instead of the magnet closer. I have one (no zipper) and to my mind, it looks best when worn messenger, it also lies very flat to the body.



Bonafide Bag Hag
Jun 20, 2007
Sunny Florida USA
I agree with Vanessa. The Tote Me Midi does carry close to the body and is a great style when you want to carry more than the essentials. I have two of those (buttercream pebbled luxe and BEC red glossy). Also have one WTM Messenger in Nude Pebbled Luxe and love it too (when I don't need everything).