Talk to me about the Musette Salsa.

I am hopefully swapping for one! It's a bag I'd never considered, since I usually do HUGE bags, but it's so pretty, and the other party's in love with my swap offering, so who can resist! I love to see my end go to someone who loves it!!
This bag holds a LOT while still looking good. When I go to the airport I carry all my travel info (usually an envelope packed with papers), a normal sized wallet, my cell, lipgloss, a big pack of gum, and metro passes in it, and it still snaps closed. This is a great bag and you should definitely get it!
I think that it's a great bag. I just purchased one (still waiting on it to arrive). I think that it will be perfect for traveling (going to Vegas next month) and also for going to my kids activities when I don't want a big bag.
I have the Damier Musette Salsa and use it for Shark's games, longer shopping trips, Napa, etc. Love this bag! :love:

For Shark's games I've fit a small change purse, Sidekick, glasses case, lipstick, folding brush and a 16oz water bottle. Without the water bottle it can fit a small wallet easily. The water bottle can make it look a bit out bulky but it's usually only in there for a short period of time.

It gets a lot of complimentary looks since it just hangs perfectly and looks very classy. :smile: