Talk to me about the Musette Salsa.

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  1. Will all of my stuff fit into this bag, or is it really small inside?
  2. It's pretty thin, but it will hold a good amount of stuff.
  3. i have the Monogram Musette Salsa, and i can fit my wallet, makeup, cell phone, keys and sometimes even my pencil case when i used it for school :yes:
  4. oo, perfect, so I could get away with makeup, keys, cell, and agenda?
  5. Hey red, I have pics of stuff inside my bag, it's in a thread in Handbags and purses"What's in your bag today?"
  6. I absolutely love it - it can hold all your basics - In one word : a classy bag :love:
  7. Annnnd I love it. This is the perfect size to have along with my Deauville, which could carry six or seven infants along with all of my stuff! Yay WOO!
  8. you can't put much inside without making it look "stuffed"
  9. Well, I just need my cosmetic bag (which is small) my cell, wallet (a PTI) and my agenda to fit in there.
  10. I think it will work perfect! Its a great bag! Are you buying one
  11. I am hopefully swapping for one! It's a bag I'd never considered, since I usually do HUGE bags, but it's so pretty, and the other party's in love with my swap offering, so who can resist! I love to see my end go to someone who loves it!!
  12. This bag holds a LOT while still looking good. When I go to the airport I carry all my travel info (usually an envelope packed with papers), a normal sized wallet, my cell, lipgloss, a big pack of gum, and metro passes in it, and it still snaps closed. This is a great bag and you should definitely get it!
  13. I think that it's a great bag. I just purchased one (still waiting on it to arrive). I think that it will be perfect for traveling (going to Vegas next month) and also for going to my kids activities when I don't want a big bag.
  14. I have the Damier Musette Salsa and use it for Shark's games, longer shopping trips, Napa, etc. Love this bag! :love:

    For Shark's games I've fit a small change purse, Sidekick, glasses case, lipstick, folding brush and a 16oz water bottle. Without the water bottle it can fit a small wallet easily. The water bottle can make it look a bit out bulky but it's usually only in there for a short period of time.

    It gets a lot of complimentary looks since it just hangs perfectly and looks very classy. :smile: