Talk to me about the Mono Petit Noe

  1. Since the Noe is one of the classic bags I feel that it is one that I have to think about getting eventually. Is it a comfortable bag to carry or is it a classic that looks good displayed on the shelf only? Do you use it a lot or do you use your Speedy more? I already have my mono Speedy 35 and would not want to buy the mono Noe if it is not a bag that will see the light of day. Also, is the petit more comfortable than the full size Noe? TIA
  2. Petit alllllllll the way over the larger one.

    I am all for the Noe. It is so comfortable to sling on your shoulder. I highly recommend it when you want to shop, travel, or have kids that take up precious hands! It looks fantastic on a shoulder, as well as on display.

  3. Hi! the petite Noe was my fist LV handbag... I used it straight for 2 years... and I loved it..... but now after using my Neverfull MM I feel that the Petite Noe is a bit of a black whole.... another con about the noe is the vachetta on the bottom.... really wish they would make it canvas on the bottom... WAY too much vachetta to be worried about :sad:
  4. Oh.... Goody! That's a great endorsement for the petit Noe! Thank you.
  5. I thought that the petit Noe doesn't have the vachetta on the bottom. I have to go back and look at it again.
  6. Yes, it does have vachetta bottom, so you have to be careful when it's brand new about putting it down. The petit noe was one of my first bags, as well, and I bought it used, so I didn't worry about the vachetta bottom, it already had a nice even patina. You save a lot of $$ that way, too.

    Just a couple things to consider!
  7. ^ I think if I bought the bag now I would treat it alot differently... since it was my first LV I had no idea how to treat it... I put it down anywhere and it has scratches all over the bottom to prove it... tpf'rs would flinch if they saw the poor thing.... but it was/is good to me... now matter what I did to the poor thing, it still looks good (and no one really sees the bottom... but I know it is there)
  8. I have a mono petite noe and it's a great casual bag for just bombing around, shopping, etc. I don't worry about it a bit and it holds a lot. I carry a lot of pouches to organize my things, or you can put a purseket in it too so everything is organized. It's a great classic bag! Definitely like the petite better than the large one.
  9. Thanks charleston-mom. So far everyone really likes it for comfort and practicality. The only down side has been the vachetta issue. I think I can live with that.
  10. Go for it!! It's a nice everyday bag!!
  11. I am thinking about getting a Petit Noe too, when I can afford it. I need a shoulder bag.

    I like the look of it with a summer dress or casual wear, and it looks like it holds a lot!
  12. it's one of the greatest, most comfortable bags from LV IMO. Super easy to carry, just wonderful!
  13. Do the ties make you crazy? Anyone? I guess you can always leave it untied and tucked under the armpit for safekeeping.
  14. I have the regular sized Noe and I love it, but the strings always seem to unravel no matter how tight the knot is.
  15. I guess that is part of the charm! LOL