Talk to me about the Ledbury

  1. Okay, I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the search function to come back and I can't stand it anymore so I'll just ask...

    Does the Ledbury stand upright by itself, or does it fall over - especially after it has broken in a bit?

    And this might be a silly question, but does it bother you that it doesn't have a zip top? Do you ever have a problem with your stuff falling out around the sides of the flap top if your purse, say, falls off the car seat when if you come to a quick stop :angel:?

    Any thoughts - pros, cons? Things you especially love about your Ledbury, or things that bother you about it?

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. The only way I can get my hands on a Ledbury IRL is if I purchase one, and I am too afraid to buy one sight unseen.

  2. Well as much as I like mine, because of the short handles and flap top, it can be a bit awkward to rummage about in whilst it is on your arm, and if you try holding it by one handle and using the other hand you risk tipping everything out. Now this could just be my problem as I'm not the most graceful ladylike woman in the world, do tend to be a bit clumsy.

    I find it stands up well on it's own, no problem there, and when it is fastened up it can roll over all you like, for instance off the passenger seat when braking and it's very secure.

    I do love it though, warts an' all! And it's one of those little girlie bags that I think looks really pretty with a dress, it's rare for a Mulberry to have a Betty-Boop kinda feel :cutesy:
  3. Aw rats - well I'm definitely not the most graceful as I am usually in a hurry to get into my bag so maybe the Ledbury is not for me :sad:. Wish I could just get my hands on one to try out!

    Thanks for being so honest.:flowers:
  4. I saw some ledburys in Selfridges,they were so cute!! I tried one and,and the size isn't good for me at the mo.But I agree with Mulberryroxanne,does have a very appealing Betty Boop look to it!!
    As a handheld bag its just gorgeous!!
    I think there are pros and cons with all the Mulberries,just depends on what you are forgiving about really!!
    My Roxy is a pain to rummage about in when your walking along,the flaps get in the way,and if its not all folded up properly when its on the passenger seat,stuff can go flying out of it,but I love it!!
    The Elgin is great for a stuff lugger,but its so deep that you can look like a demented squirrel diving around in it to get stuff at the bottom,it has an open top,so stuff can easily fly out in a car etc,and the strap across the top,if you use it to keep it closed,means you have to take it off your shoulder to get in it and then the depth problem becomes apparent!!
    The best so far at the moment for me is the Annie,but does'nt hold quite enough without me having to stuff it full,and then problems of rummaging in a full bag come up,that said I still love it!!
    I'm not sure on the other styles,but maybe an East West Bays would be a better option for you??xxxx
  5. Chaz, great idea, bet the E/W would be a real winner!!! Go for it Dogdoc, enabling you.....................!!!!!!!
  6. I love my E/W, it's such a practical bag to carry about....if you have it on your arm it's so easy to get it open and get your purse etc out of it without having to faff about. I'd imagine the original Bays would be the same.

    The Rosemary is completely the opposite open one magnetic clasp then try to open another and the first one snaps shut. You really have to fight with it!
  7. I love my Ledbury but as said before the East/West is even better!! Just the right size and if you go for Buffalo leather it is lighter than the Ledbury!!
  8. I found an old thread. Just wondering about Buffalo leather, how do you find that in the East/West? On the webpage I only see natural leather. I would love a light bag since I have a bad neck because of a car accident.
  9. Have they changed the Ledbury's lately? I bought mine just over a year ago, and from a side view it is almost triangular - quite stiff leather (i.e. it holds it's shape on its own). I was in Selfridges on Saturday and the one I saw looked more rectangular and almost saggy? I think I've seen a couple of others like this too.
  10. My new Pebble Ledbury in tumbled leather is quite floppy. It sort of loses its elegance when it is sitting...but when I carry it, it is very Audrey Hepburn (with scarf and sunglasses)! Lots of room inside too for such a small bag. I will get a second one in black I love it so much -- and never thought this bag would be for me.
  11. I was just reading this thread and saw Chaz's post and got really confused - I didn't read the date!!!!! I guess you changed your mind about the Ledbury then Chaz as you now have that great Pebble one that looks fantastic on you!
  12. Yes, this is an old thread. And since then, Chaz has sold her Annie I believe.
    Chaz so inspired me with her gorgeous Pebble Led...that I got one too!
  13. I just thought she was having a Sarajane moment and changing her mind!! (no offence SJ)

  14. *snort*

    sorry SJ :shame:

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao: