Talk to me about the JPG Shoulder Birkin

  1. Owners of the JPG please can you share your experiences, what do you love about it, what is a pain - I am trying to decide if I need one :graucho:. Thanks

    P/S - i am 5 feet 2 inches and rather round if this matters in your recommending one
  2. :confused1: :yes:
  3. I love the shoulder option of the JPG, the oversized hardware, and the shape. However, the weight of the clemence in that size of a bag is a little much, also the length of the bag is a little cumbersome as people passing by would bump into it, not to mention, there is no inside pocket. HTH!
  4. I think that at 5'2" the JPG shoulder birkin would be overwhelming.
  5. I own 1 JPG birkin, and it's barenia/denim combo. Personally, I love the look of the bag, and the fact that you can carry it on your shoulder so you can have both hands free (useful while shopping :graucho:). However, the weight issue is really a problem. I found the bag to be heavy even before you put anything in it. Also, the shape of the bag is a bit bulky so it's a bit uncomfortable and it's not a snug fit under your arm. You better leave the padlock home as well because it's larger than the regular Birkin's and it's heavy!!
  6. I don't own a JPG Birkin but I did try the bag on because I was in the waitlist. It's too HUGE for me and is pretty heavy even when it is empty. I didn't buy the bag in the end.I still prefer the normal Birkin.
  7. I have the JPG and love it. I love the over sized hard wear especially the lock.
    I have all of my H accessories in it - my globetrotter agenda, dogon combine wallet,dogon check book cover, small agenda, Le24 coin holder, mini JIGE ( I use this for cosmetics), my iphone and keys on the Carmencita key ring.
    It is heavy, but I still love it and I have the Kelly in case I need something lighter weight and with a strap. I love the look of the JPG, I do not have any regrets about purchasing it, especially since it is Ebene and all this talk about Ebene be discontinued for now, makes me really glad I have it.
  8. The bag Is amassing and looks great (Modern)
    I do agree with every one in that it is heavy. I am 5'10'' and I carry it like VB on the fold of my fore arm or by hand.Not the shoulder it make marks on my skin like scratches.LOL
  9. I agree but I am one of those people that believe in bag to body proportionality. For example, when I see a photo of one of the Olsen ladies with a bag so huge they can live in it, I don't know, it just looks comical to me and takes away from the woman. Fashion shouldn't wear you.
  10. I love my JPG shoulder birkin. :heart:
  11. I had one in Clemence and it is VERY heavy. Also I found that the base is so wide that it does not comfortably fit on my shoulder for long. I actually ended up selling it and going with a traditional birkin style (and eventually several other bags)
    If you want a shoulder bag the Lindy is comfortable and even in Clemence it is much lighter. It however is more understated.
  12. Ditto! And I'm a total shortie.
  13. My JPG is a little heavy but I noticed a big difference once I took the look off. One of the straps falls off of my shoulder but I love it.
  14. I love mine...I carry it more in the summer...but that may be more a function of the color.
  15. I wanted one desperately after seeing the ads. The hardware, the longer straps - just made my heart spin. But after trying it on it was apparent that it "wore me" and looked outright ridiculous almost costumey on me. I am 5'3" and around 130 pounds. I also smacked the display case behind me while trying to turn around to head to the mirror. Thank God it was Clemence and not Box leather and that the case didn't come crashing down. Not my most elegant Hermes boutique moment. But it does look amazing on others.