Talk to me about the classic duffle

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  1. I am thinking of getting this with my PCE. I love the look of this bag. Anyone that has one, is it difficult to get stuff in and out? I wish this bag had some interior pockets. I do know that with this size, I can put the sunnies in their case easily.

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  2. I have a vintage one that I bought at Savers in mint condition. I love the bag and its boho look. When I had to take my husband to a medical procedure I was able to fit my ipad, book, and knitting project in it along with my wallet, sunglasses, etc. I do find it hard to touch the bottom of the bag when it is on my shoulder, though.
  3. I have a question about the round bottom- because I too have considered this duffle. Is it weird with that rounded bottom when you wear it against the body?
  4. I think when they redesigned the duffle for the Legacy line a few years ago (19889 and 19893), they did a good job of improving it. The thing I don't like about the classic is that rounded bottom - I don't think it hugs the body like the redesigned version. It is a great looking bag, though.
  5. For me it is a giant black hole. The lack of pockets means that everything will fall to the bottom. That round bottom makes it stick out from your body. It doesn't slouch very much. I much prefer the newer Legacy duffles.
  6. I have this bag. I like that it is very light weight and British tan is a great color. It can be a big black hole but I always my things in wristlets and cosmetic cases. I wish that it was just a bit longer to wear it better cross body.
  7. I tried this bag on at Nordstrom once and I loved the way it looked on my shoulder. Then I read the reviews on and decided against it. My biggest concern was the quality/thickness of the leather and the price.

    I didn't think it stuck out too much from my side. I preferred it to the legacy duffle because it seemed to stick out less, but it may have been unstuffed when I tried it on, whereas I never unstuffed the legacy duffle when I tried it on - I just saw corners sticking out on the legacy duffle and I didn't care for that on me, plus the size of the legacy duffle was not right on me, but for some reason this bigger round-bottom duffle looked narrower on me.
  8. Thanks for the response. I ended up going with a legacy duffle in cognac on ebay. I really love the look of the classic but think the legacy one will work better for me due to the pockets.