Talk to me about HH Havana Hobo w/ the purse chameleon!

  1. On the HH Sale thread there was a lot of talk of the chameleon. I'd never seen one before and think it's a really cool idea. So, those of you that have them- I'm wondering if it would work with the Havana Hobo I have and/or the Louvre I'm (hoping) getting from the sale. Both bags tend to have a soft shape- so would adding a chameleon make them look funny? And, what size would work/look right? Thank you, thank you :smile:
  2. I personally would not put a cameleon in a Havana hobo. The biggest/heaviest thing I put in my Havana was a paperback book and the lining split open after less than one week of carrying the bag. :crybaby:

    I also have the Ana and that is a much sturdier bag. It's too flat to put a purse organizer into, but I wouldn't worry about the bag getting damaged if I did, KWIM?
  3. Oh Dear- What a shame! I can't understand that happening. I've had my Hobo for about a year and have been rather rough with it. It's be super- no problems at all. Could you have gotten a dud?
  4. I don't have a Havana, but I do use a large extra sturdy chameleon in my Nico and it works fine even thought it's a "flat" bag (single bottom seam). The fabric the inserts are made of are really light and flexible enough that it shouldn't change the shape of your bag...rather, the items that you put in the insert would have more of an impact.

    I've crammed stuff into my Nico pretty carelessly and haven't had any problems with the lining, but I don't think it's the same fabric as the Havana.
  5. I just got my Havana Hobo in Olive and I also have five different chameleon inserts. While I haven't been able to pack mine up yet, I think the insert would be perfectly fine. The insert itself only weighs a few ounces so it won't be too heavy for the hobo.
  6. I use a small chameleon insert in my hobo all the time...and in my gaza hobo...and in my Ana!
  7. I think I did get a dud.

    I also think that the Blush leather is soooo smooshy and the lining is so soft that it makes that particular bag less durable. It felt kind of flimsy to me, even before it ripped. I thought maybe all Havanas were that way; that's why I said I would not put an organizer in it. But maybe it's just the blush ones :confused1:

    I'm getting a replacement, so it will be interesting to see if it feels the same.
  8. Thanks so much everyone for your replies- guess I'll have to try one! And Claire- good luck with the new havana- fingers crossed that this one is perfect

  9. I hope the new one works out - glad to see HH came through for you in the end, even if it was a bit of a headache.