Talk to me about "fashion" boots

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  1. I know this is probably going to sound nuts to some of you, but I've never been able to wrap my mind around the concept of "fashion" boots. I live in Canada, and to me, boots are for wearing when it's -10 and snowing to keep your feet warm and dry - whether they are ankle boots or tall boots. I know not all Canadians feel this way - I have seen Canadians wearing "fashion" boots.

    However, I decided I'd give it a try. I ordered two pairs - a short ankle length pair and a knee length pair of these so-called fashion boots.

    I feel so alien wearing them though. What do you even wear with them? Right now I have on a dress pant (I had the shipment come to my workplace) and I think the short ones look stupid with a dress pant - my pumps look so much nicer. And they feel weird too, but this is a style I'm not used to.

    Can you wear a skinny jean tucked into an ankle boot? That sounds hideous. :P I can see wearing a skinny jean inside a taller boot.

    Help me out ladies - turn me into a fashion boot girl!! Tell me what to wear with the ankle boots and the long boots!!

    long boots.jpg

    vista boots.jpg
  2. Skinny jeans or leggings would look nice with the knee-length boots.

    And yeah I agree I think ankle boots can sometimes look dated with dress pants.

    honestly....I think I would take a look through the "Celebrity Style" subforum and click through some of the different threads. Olivia Palermo, Giovanna Bataglia, Rachel Bilson, and a bunch of others who have their own threads have a fabulous sense of style and theres hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of them. There's quite a few pics of Alexa Chung wearing ankle boots...I'm sure you could find a few outfits they wore with ankle boots and get some inspiration!
  3. OK, that's great advice thanks, I will do that!! I usually stay away from "celebrity style" because usually it doesn't translate well to my humdrum office life. :P I'll take a look though.

  4. I like the look of skinnies/leggings/opaque tights with tall boots, but not ankle boots.
  5. You could look through the Glass Slipper section for some inspiration--there are several picture threads.
  6. I love boots and wear them all the time as soon as the weather allows it, here it's rather warm most of the year. Now personally I hate tights so if ever possible I wear boots even with skirts etc..
    I will check if I have pics for you that can help.
  7. I found these pics some are older (before getting rid of the babyfat yuck) so you have two with booties and two with boots hope that gives you some ideas on how to wear them

    Attached Files:

  8. Wow, awesome, you look fabulous in them all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!! When I get home I'm gonna try some outfits on. I've done some reading on here, and I think from what I've seen, that the ankle boots work best with jeans as opposed to dress pants or skirts.

    The ankle boots I ordered (pictured above) aren't tight at the ankle though, they are loose and I'm beginning to think tight ones might look better - any thoughts on that ladies??
  9. You're so sweet, Tight ones look more dressy , now you can totally wear others with skinnies as well it's exactly what my daughter is wearing right now, but it's a more casual look.
  10. Actually, those bootie/ankle ones look exactly like what I'm looking for. May I ask who they are by?

    I personally would wear those with jeggings and skirt or knee length dresses with tights.

    The taller ones I would wear with above the knee dresses and skirts. I'm in the minority when I say I'm not a fan of tall boots and jeans, but that is just my personal style preference.
  11. when i think boots, i think:

    tall, knee high ones are great with skinny/legging pants
    short ankle length are cute with a shorter skinny pant. not tucked in, but short ones that are around the same length as the boot. you could always roll the hem up a bit
  12. They are actually from Naturalizer. Probably not the most sophisticated of the shoe makers, but boy are they comfy, and on sale for $90 right now.

  13. Thanks ladies - this is really helping!!! :biggrin: Love the fashion advice!!
  14. OK, I just got the second pair of ankle boots that I ordered - which ones do you ladies think are nicer? The studded ones are more comfy. . . I'll have to try them on and walk around in them when I get home.

    The thing about the non-studded ones is that if you just wear jeans with them, you'll never see the little flap - you would definetely need to use these as tuck-in boots to get the effect.

    In case anyone is wondering, these are also from Naturalizer as well as the long ones. I do love comfy footwear!!


    vista boots.jpg
  15. I have flat ankle boots that I wear with skinny jeans, and now that I've finally found tall boots, I wear them with my skinny/straight jeans too. I just have a pic of the ankle boots (I just got the tall boots)