Talk to me about Edgy Out There!

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  1. I lust for this bag in a big way. MHB has it on sale in deep ocean, which I know from the reveals here is gorgeous. How do you guys feel about deep ocean being worn in the spring/summer?

    Also - I'm worried it's going to be too big for me. It seems like it drapes pretty nicely if there's not a ton of stuff in it... thoughts?

    I'm not head over heels in love with anything coming out in the spring Tano collection so I'm thinking about getting the EOT instead :smile:. I'm kind of on the fence about the whole thing, but I can always return it if it is too big right?

    This is NOT the mindful thread! haha and PLEASE be honest - I need your help! :flowers:
  2. HEY you!!! I'm going to tell you about Edgy Out There in deep ocean and I'm not going to be biased in any way......

    The Leather: :love:

    The Color: :love:

    The Size: :love:

    The Strap: :love:

    The Bag: :love::love:

    HAHA Ok now seriously........she's a good sized bag but not overwhelming. The bella leather is so drapey and pretty....she's just smooshy and lovely to carry. I wouldn't think that the color should be a the spring/summer she's like water and fall/winter she's like ice.

    I do admit to being 100% insane crazy about my EOT .... when I carry her sometimes I catch myself gazing at her as she hangs on her purse hook (wait I do that with a lot of forget that part) ....

    Since nothing is leaping at you for Spring this bag @ that price is absolutely one to consider adding to your collection, honey.
  3. I love this style in deep ocean, and I think it's a style that you can wear all year round--it's a beautiful blue that can be very neutral. Maybe this is your spring bag!
  4. I really think I need to just pull the trigger and try it out! I sent MHB an email making sure I could return it if I didn't love it (sometimes sale stuff is final sale or exchange only)

    Edit: But I just got an email back from Ashley saying it's the last one totally returnable and has a few imperfections on the back that just make it look deeper blue in some spots but that I get an additional 15% off it because of them. So I'm going to get it! :yahoo: The price is unreal. Hopefully I loveeee it but if not, there will definitely be another Tano for me to love out there hahah.
  5. :tup::yahoo:
  6. Yippee! Big happy dance!
  7. :biggrin: thanks guys!!
  8. ^^

    YAY!!! The style is so comfy and drapes nicely even if it's not filled to capacity.
  9. kings your modeling shots really really helped me in deciding!
  10. Love...YAY!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I love my EOT!! And now you, Voo and me will be bag tripletts!!!

    I do not carry a lot bags in other lines are my staple...and I am fine with I think you will be too!!

    Let us know when you get it what you think!!

    I hope it is :love: for you!!
  11. I know I'm late to the party, but I just had to comment on the deep ocean:

    You most certainly can wear it in the spring/summer. :yes: I love the tone of that leather and like to pop it against sandy neutrals+Ray-bans aviators+cool sandals for a beachy luxe vibe. Its all in the mix.

    Bella leather smells divine too!
  12. Awesome awesome awesome!!! Can't wait to see!

  13. Ahh thanks! This makes me even more excited!
  14. Yay, Love! Congrats!
  15. Congrats Love!!!!