Talk to me about Boston...

  1. Hmmmm well there's the Lenox, Sheraton Boston, Marriott Copley Square, Westin Copley Place, Hilton Back Bay, Hilton Downtown, the Langham, Four Seasons, the Mandarin, Fairmont Copley Plaza, the W, and of course the Liberty which is a jail-turned-luxury-hotel with some GREAT restaurants inside (ex. Lydia Shire's place Scampo...soooo good!)

    You can also try to score some good deals on 3/4/5 star hotels in the area.
  2. I miss Boston. I lived there for years.

    Boston is pretty small and Harvard is just a short T ride away from most places. None of the nice hotels in Boston are remotely cheap. If you want to save money but still be in a safe area, try Allston. Just be forewarned, it's mostly college kids. Brookline has some reasonable options too.

    If money is no object, the Ritz on Newbury is stunning. Ditto for the Four Seasons.
  3. I visited a restaurant called Neptune in the North End with my boyfriend, who is a chef, and we were both blown away by the amazing seafood dishes there. You cannot RSVP, but go early and ask if they have room to save you a 2-seater, give them your number and wander around. It is SO worth the hassle!
  4. thanks, ladies. I've decided to stay elsewhere in Boston. Perhaps Back Bay. We'll see what the travel sites have deals for. I can just hang out in Cambridge one day and do other things the rest of the time :smile:
  5. I second the Liberty Hotel, I have stayed there twice in the last year, and it is my favorite by far - you can get lobster pizza from room service - yum!
    Another choice is The Boston Park Plaza. They have a towers level, and it offers free breakfast, and a mini happy hour in the afternoon with hot appetizers and free sodas - you pay for drinks. It is two blocks from Newbury Street which is awesome for shopping and people watching.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of the Boston Park Plaza as it seems to be the most reasonable. What do you mean by towers level? Not sure that breakfast comes with booking on travel sites, and it seems like you have to pay extra for it through their site. Either way looks like it will fit what I need.
  7. Go to the Park Plaza website and make a pretend reservation. They will show you rooms that say "tower" or " tower level". It is the same hotel, just higher floors. The price is just a bit more, but it is worth it. There is a also a concierge just for the towers which is pretty neat. The Four Seasons is a block away (great for drinks), and there is a restaurant across the street called Davio's that has the most amazing cheese steak spring rolls.
    I went to college in Boston, and I live in southern New Hampshire. Hubby and I go in for long weekends as often as possible. We are going to a concert at Fenway Park in August, so I have been checking for deals also!
  8. Do you have a certain budget you're trying to stay within or want to stay right in Boston? Westin at Copley Place, Ritz Carlton, 4 Seasons, The Liberty Hotel, Park Plaza. I live in Boston and there are lots of places but it depends on what kind of hotel you want, price, close to everything downtown etc.
  9. South End- Myers & Chang is great and Flour Bakery. The North End has some great places.. Cambridge and Brookline/Cooldige Corner are fun to walk around in the summer time.
    If you like art the Museum of Fine Arts new Americas Wing is amazing after the renovations and they have some great exhibits over the summer. There is also the Contemporary Art Museum on the down by the waterfront in Boston.
  10. The towers section is renovated and includes breakfast and access to a small lounge with appetizers and stuff in the late afternoon. The rest of the hotel is very outdated. I stayed there 2 months ago and thankfully they were able to change me to the towers level or whatever they call it because I refused to stay in the room they initially assigned me for the price I paid. Even the tower level is hardly worth 4 stars. The bathroom is very old-fashioned. But, the location is fantastic and that's all that mattered. I spent a little time everyday at the Pru and in Copley Place and of course Newbury St. All very convenient by walking. As far as location goes, Park Plaza is hard to beat for the price. I guess I'd call the hotel after booking online and request to be in the towers level. It really makes a difference.
  11. I never know how to approach these types of things and I'm a chicken! :p maybe see if there are rooms available when I check in, or something lol
  12. Just be polite and friendly but straightforward.. Good luck. :smile:
  13. I'll be visiting Boston for a self-made long weekend the third weekend in July. I've read through this whole thread and just thought I'd bump it to see if anyone has anything to add that might be specific to the time I'm heading over there?

    Also, I haven't been to visit Boston in probably 10-15 years and I remember loving the Daily Catch in the north end. Is that still any good?

    I'm hoping to catch a game at Fenway while I'm there, is there anything else in that area that I should consider going a few hours earlier to check out ahead of the game? Also, any restaurants in the area that would be good to eat at prior to the game?

    I've also had someone recommend a driving day trip out of Boston to Olgonquit. How far is that by car and would you think it's worth it to go there and come back in one day (not stay overnight)?
  14. Bump - anyone?
  15. Tavern in the Square at Kenmore Square is really good and close to Fenway Park! I haven't been to the Daily Catch so I don't know. There is also Jerry Remy's restaurant which I hear is ok, I haven't been there. There are all types of restaurants around the park now but I really like Tavern in the Square.