Talk some sense into me PLEASE!

  1. 7BE22FE8-0821-4379-82D2-9F8EF52208E8.jpeg 47C1051D-DB48-4A08-A449-2199150A52F3.jpeg 26CFD8C9-DE24-4BFA-AD5E-7AA79F147ADF.jpeg 508867E6-2E9F-4145-A15E-143DE441C5D9.jpeg D1EEB41D-5DE7-4907-81A6-72F128F139FF.jpeg 55E95C12-BA50-4ED1-B68B-24F7AEA8F85C.jpeg In a stroke of wonderful luck, both of these beauties were available online a few nights ago and I ordered them. Now I’m trying to decide which looks better on me—whatcha think? Surely I should return one of them, right???
  2. They both look great. I'd probably keep the reverse to be honest, since it's probably harder to get and I feel like it goes with any outfit the mono one would.
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  3. Some people have to wait, wait, and wait for these bags. If you can swing it, why not keep both as you know prices will continue to adjust upwards year after year like clockwork. Few years from now, you will be glad that you got these at the price you got them for. Of course this is assuming the bags work for your lifestyle.
  4. If you can afford it, keep both bags since you like them so much. Personally, I don’t love monogram reverse, so I would keep the classic mono.
  5. If you can only choose one then I would go for the reverse. They both look good on you but reverse is harder get. Mono can always get again later. Your lucky reverse suits you, it didn't look right on me so I went with mono. The reverse is more unique and striking. Mono is more classic and timeless.
  6. Reverse!!
  7. I really, really, really dislike the reverse canvas so my vote would be the straight up mono (which I have and love). Simpler and classic.
  8. Whichever one you’ll get more use out of. They both look great!
  9. Personally the reverse to me will be dated years down the road. The Monogram always a classicyearafter year!
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  10. Classic monogram kinda goes with everything your wearing and is less distracting than reverse on first glance. I have definitely bought double style bags before due to indecision but I really like the monogram over reverse.
  11. Based on the pictures I prefer the mono. For me personally the style of the Pochette Metis really works for an everyday handbag. But I also own and love both prints. I don’t think there’s a wrong choice here IMO.
  12. I also vote for the classic mono, not too keen on the reverse!
  13. I would go with the reverse! Looks great on you!
  14. The Mono looks great with every outfit you have on. You can dress it up or down. It looks classic and chic. The reverse IMO looks very casual and I don’t like the way it looks with dressier outfits.
  15. I like the regular mono, less busy and easier to match with outfits.