Talk me out of...?

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  1. I might be going to LV today to pick up the flowers bandeau. And, I really want to get the key pouch/cles in Rose Angelique, also. Should I be talked out of buying the cles. And, can anyone recall the pre-increase price of the cles? Thanks in advance!
  2. Double post. Please delete!
  3.'ve come to the wrong place for that! The price was $370.
  4. So pretty, I say get it & just enjoy it!
  5. Sorry but I cannot in good faith talk anyone out of anything LV. JK. The Cles is a wonderful little item and I just adore them in Vernis. The vintage script on the plate is to die for. Get it!
  6. :giggles: Very true! OP, you should go for it if you like it. I would usually shy away from a light color but with a small piece that will often be used inside a bag, I think you'd be okay.
  7. +1
  8. +2 I think you should go for it! The cles is a handy little item. If you like reds, the Pomme is beautiful! Plus, it is not so light that you will have to worry as much about color transfer.

  9. lol get it! the new colors are so gorgeous!!!😜
  10. Thanks for the inputs! I did purchase the bandeau today. It is so pretty! They didn't have the cles in stock so I couldn't take a look at it. Bummer :/

  11. Well then it's not meant to be... YET!!! ;)
  12. Lol. Yet! I love that! I almost caved and bought the eclipse charm. But, I told myself to be good and there is always a next time.
  13. We are all enablers here LOL! Those all sound like great items to get. Sorry I'm no help:P