Talk me out of this!!!

  1. It sure is small.
  2. I would buy small handbag but don't use it very much, but I am not big with the design itself. So it's a no.

    I hope it helps :p
  3. It's very cute, but the price is too high for such a small bag. :s
  4. do you carry a lot of stuff with you usually? do you prefer to shoulder carry your bags? if you said yes to both then you will not like this bag. i saw it irl and while it was cute, it was very small (for me anyways). it also comes in two other colors: tan and bordeaux.

    i thought it was expensive for its size too. it costs almost as much as the totally turnlock bowler and that bag is twice the size of this one.
  5. Are you tempted because of the special code that's going on right now?

    I say pass too...too small!
  6. Yes, the code is tempting me...but I am looking for a brown leather bag.
  7. I vote no... it's too small and doesn't imo say mj....
  8. Wow... that's one expensive cell phone case.
  9. It looks very small. If you like it then great but I bet there is a better brown MJ bag out there for you.
  10. it is very small. I am a big bag person so I sure will not consider that bag.
  11. That model has to be really thin, and the bag looks tiny on her. If you like small bags, and many people do, then follow your instincts and get it. I would have a hard time fitting my MJ zip clutch alone into that bag though.