Talk me out of this... Kirsten tote

  1. Have always loved the look and am thinking of getting a light colored one (khaki) for the summer. Am I going to regret this or will this age well (ie: will it look ok if it overall gets rather dingy from use?). Is this one of those bigs that look better in theory than in reality?

  2. Anyone??
  3. I personally don't love the Kristen. I think it looks good when I see it worn on bloggers, etc. but I could never pull it off. It's a bit too busy/trendy for my tastes. I guess it all boils down to personal opinion/style. Cinnabun4chu has one, maybe try PM'ing her and see what she has to say...I can't remember the color of hers.
  4. Thanks! I think that's my gut feeling too but I get so swayed by how good it looks on other people. It may be one of those bags that I buy and then never end up wearing:smile:
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    Hey! I don't know if my 2 cents means anything to you, but I have the black one. I saw gray and black in person (not khaki) and the gray was originally my first choice. It's light, so you can see the detail of the bag, which caught my eye. However, I went with black because I know myself, I'll put my bag down (not on the floor) but I don't check to see if the surface is dirty/dusty and I could just see that beautiful gray showing signs of my carelessness :nogood:.
    I love the black. I loved the style, but in black it's not overwhelming and fairly versatile. So I say if you're intrigued by the style- check out more pics and maybe go with a color that should hold up well. HTH! :smile:

    I also wanted to point out- there are so many websites that show that tote as both the large and small. I have the smaller one- the satchel. It has that cross-body strap. I think the smaller the size, the less overwhelming, but it all depends on if you like smaller or not.
  6. ^thanks so much!
  7. I have it in black and I really love it (so far anyway).. I've had it for a while and the black holds up really well. I would never get it in any other color because suede is just too high maintenance in lighter colors and I'm just not that kind of gal to take too much care of my bags. I've got some photos up on my blog but all in all, it's a cool bag! Better if you get it for a sale price of course :p
  8. I am a guy and I got the large size one, about 37cm - got the camel color! It was beautiful, however, I prefer a bigger bag, so I sold it to my classmate :biggrin:
  9. This is a bag that I really like depending on the person who's carrying it, but I think that because it's so busy, it can be difficult to pull off. It's also pretty trendy. If you're looking for a bag for just a summer or two, it would be okay, but if you want something that lasts longer, maybe a Donna or Brenda in a light color??