Talk me out of this bag!!!

  1. Ok, I want a Katy tote so bad I can't stand it.:drool: I am literally antsy with it. I want it to carry my books to class. It is insane to spend 400 on something to drag around campus. Isn't it???? I would probably end up leaving it in my office while I am in class out of fear it would get dirty or caught in the rain. Someone please talk me out of this bag. I have a very really suspicion I will be heading to Orlando this weekend to pick that puppy up! :shame:
  2. There was one at the outlet in Jacksonville last weekend. It was like $298 or something, I think. I can't remember for sure. You could call and see if they still have it.
  3. it will match almost every outfit....:graucho:
  4. Hey when your in college, some books cost 400 alone, they need proper storage.
  5. Hmmmm, I could go to JAX just as easily as I could Orlando.... Wait, do you mean the outlet in St Augistine? Is there an outlet in JAX? Hmmmmm. Even still, thats alot to shell out to carry books in. I may just have to give them a call in the morning.
  6. Um, we aren't doing a very good job of talking you out of it. I LOVE LEGACY STRIPE! I get compliments on my little top handle pouch all the time (even from a little lady that don't have a clue what Coach is!). I would just be afraid of getting it dirty. If you can get it at that outlet price, I would so get it. Um, sorry, not doing what you told me to!
  7. Wait, maybe it was the Orlando outlet. I went to both within 2 weeks and now I'm doubting myself as to where it was at. Yeah, I meant St Augustine when I said Jax. It was at one of those... sorry! I know I saw it though, and it was marked down alot. Damn, I wish I could remember which one it was at. They both had a few Legacy things. Now I'm thinking it might have been Orlando.
  8. you can't carry your books in just any ol' need this bag.
  9. i have heard that because the katy tote's material is so delicate it gets a used look quickly AND loose its shape whereas the signature strip tote does not which is a better bang for you buck IMO
  10. if you wanted to get talked out of a bag, you've come to the wrong place!
  11. ARRRGH!! :biggrin: I can't talk you out of this bag because I still want it too :roflmfao:
  12. Way to go batgirl! I had concerns about the bag being to delicate. I am not in love with the other totes enough to warrant spending that much money on one. But I do feel like I need to get something a little more professional than a backpack. Grrrr, I don't know what I want now, I was really hoping to be talked into the Katy ;) Thanks ladies
  13. I have been holding back my fingers to keep from ordering that bag (and the andrea in cognac)....
  14. Yeah, sorry, I'll be another voice of reason here. I agree with batgirl, it's not the most practical bag to use for school. The fabric is delicate, would get dirty so fast, and may even snag. Plus I'm not sure that the straps are strong enough to tote around heavy books and stuff. And I'd definitely be worried about sitting it down on a grubby lecture hall floor, etc.

    Oh, but I just looked at the picture again and it sure is gorgeous, though....:angel:but no, it just wouldn't be practical ....:devil:but it is so pretty...Okay maybe I'm not the best voice of reason.
  15. That tote is beautiful! But it'd be so sad to spend that much on it and it get icky looking quickly. Then you wouldn't love it so much anymore. Maybe get another tote that's more practical and grab something small in the legacy stripe to 'fill the need' of wanting the katy? Is the Ergo that's coming out a good bag for a book bag?