Talk me out of the 2.55 please!!!!!

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  1. OMG-I should have never walked into Chanel at Saks today! I should have never asked the SA if they had the 2.55 in gray in stock! I should have never tried it on. It took everything I had to walk out without it... Now I am wanting it BAD!! It's soooo gorgeous and classic... I'm just wondering for the $$ if I would wear it. Plus I just preordered the Edith at NM and am waiting on a gaucho tote...Too many bags I'm in love with!! I'm such a casual person- more gaucho than chanel! But it was just a piece of heaven....What do I do???Help!!
  2. :nuts: i dont know about you, but i would go back and get it!!!! like you im more of a causal person, BUT in saying that, Chanel is a timeless piece and it will be with forever, therefore... you might not use it every day but you will use it!!!! :love:

    good luck aye!! it all works out in the end! :amuse:
  3. Ha, I won't be the one to talk you out of it. I would have pulled out that credit card so fast... I really want a 2.55 in grey :love:

    Would it be too much to get the Chanel? If it's way out of your means, I'd hold off on it, or think about not getting one of the other two bags you ordered. Or, since you said your style is more casual, stick with the Gaucho and the Edith.

    If you do buy it, post pictures! :biggrin:
  4. Personally, I'd get the 2.55 over either of those other two bags. It will be a bag that will never go out of style, and I think it's easier to wear a dressier bag with more casual clothes than the other way around.
  5. Ughh! Twist my arm!! I called the SA back and they are sending me the bag. Unfortunately I live 45 min away from saks and have to work the rest of the week. The SA was so nice. Not only is saks running a gift card special in which this bag entitles me to a $300 gift card but the SA will let me come back in when I can to open a saks credit card account and he will give me 10% off of this purchase. Yea!! So the Edith was a pre order-won't be in until may and maybe the goucho won't be in for a while...
  6. I'll feel the hit!!! I will be "spring cleaning" some bags I don't use anymore on ebay:biggrin: This forum is awesome but it is enabling me in my hanbag addiction:amuse:
  7. Awesome! Please post pictures when you get it :nuts:
  8. Wow, that's a GOOD deal!! Congrats and post photos!
  9. Be sure to let us have a head up when you list your items on eBay or wherever and post a link.

    i would have totally gone for the Chanel too if I could have afforded it even over the other 2 bags. Casual bags will come and go even if you wear them all of the time, but a classic bag will last forever even if you only wear it a couple of times a year.
  10. I have to answer with a philosophical point of view: "This is your time, make the most of it" I have this on my fridge and it really moves me in the right direction in all mattters of life.
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  11. I :love: the 2.55 reissue. I have it in gray. It's jsut so perfect, and limited edition too. Think of it as an investment.
  12. How limited is limited edition? I can't buy one until the end of summer!
  13. It is an investment, into a classy accessory that will last for years and years !

    And you wanted us to talk you out of it ! :amuse:
  14. You'll love it and use it forever! Get it if you can afford it!
  15. ^^^I agree, if you can afford it, do it! Are you married to the other bags? I like the 2.55 better than both :biggrin: So maybe you can switch if you decide you like the 2.55 better than the gaucho or the edith.