Talk me out of (or into) a white sunset bag

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  1. I’m really lemming for a white bag. But will I regret it? I’m going to purchase a white medium sunset tomorrow (have it on hold) but how do white bags hold up? will it eventually turn yellow? Does anyone have a white sunset or Kate and have photos? Thank you
  2. Yay or nay?
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  3. The white is absolutely gorgeous with the silver hardware. Did you buy it? I myself am deathly afraid of light colours because I have mini humans who like to destroy everything. You must look after it and store it carefully and avoid new denim. :smile:
  4. I didn’t end up buying it! Same reasons as you, I have a nearly 1 year old and 3 year old and I could just imagine them reaching up to me with ice cream hands one day and touching the bag . I went into the boutique again and another white sunset satchel they had on display was pretty dirty, and that’s without someone wearing it all day etc like I would one day. I’m sad but I think not buying it was for the best. Maybe one day when my girls are 25
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  5. Okay now that I’ve seen I can get them online, should I get grey instead?
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