Talk me out of getting another black kelly...PLEASE

  1. Oh man, I can't believe this is happening to me. Well, it's only been a month since I got my 28cm black box sellier GHW, and now I'm thinking that I want a 32cm black chevre retourne PHW (big sigh). I can't tell DH because he will freak. He's already accepted the fact that I might buy a blue jean birkin when my SA calls me.

    I love my black box kelly but honestly, I don't have the black box lifestyle. I love to look at her, touch her, shine the hardware (I finally took off the plastic last night!). I'm starting to get that bad feeling. Not regret because who would regret a black box kelly but maybe I should have waited and bought a chevre retourne so I could use the kelly NOW and DAILY.

    I can only share this with fellow tPFers. Only you would understand.
  2. I understand how you feel. I resisted using my box birkin for the same reasons... the leather is so smooth and perfect that you feel "guilty" for leaving marks on them, whereas I use my togo birkins without a care in the world.

    I would ask if you would really use the chevre kelly too or would you also find it too precious to use when you see how gorgeous it is?
  3. What about another dark color besides black for chevre...

    What about doing black Chevre in a Birkin 30cm?
  4. Gosh, I am no use here... you NEED at least two black Kellys, the one you have and a more casual one... it's just a necessity.
  5. No help here in the same boat as you. Went looking for a 32 in black Chevre and came home with one in black box...but I still want the Chevre or another leather like Togo or Fjord for a larger everyday Kelly. :smile: Perhaps we are just in an admiration period and eventually when we break it out and use it it'll develop its patina and be a great everyday bag. Whatever the case, take solace in the fact that you cannot go wrong with black box.
  6. hmm i think 2 black ones, one formal kelly, and one for more casual everyday use is ideal, and you need one with GH and one with PH... which is basically summing up what you're asking to be talked out of!! lol, so no help here, sorry!
  7. Wellllll......far be it from me to ever tell anyone NOT to have two Black Kellys. So, I won't. I happen to think you SHOULD have two black Kelly's. One more "special" (like, Box calf) and one you can reach for every day (like the Chevre OR a Clemence, Togo, Fjord....)

    This is what I'm going to do. 32cm Black Box Vintage Kelly with Gold (check) and a 28cm Black Chevre if ever I can find one. Yep!!!!
  8. I have a black Box Bolide 31cm and I usually use it everyday. It is so beautiful...why save it?
  9. (: I am in the same position as you, how about another color? not exactly black but really dark? Marron fonce? Ebene? Indigo ? in Cherve :biggrin: so it's not exactly a duplicate ;)
  10. I thought that but now I use my black box calf, sigh when I see I have put a mark on it
    Wipe it with a damp cloth , pop her back in her rack and then think
    well I hav so enjoyed using you today What the hell!, you will go see lovely Celine for your polish in the next few months

    Enjoy ,,,,,, the one you have
  11. I wont talk you out of getting a black chevre retourne. But I will give you some contrarian advice - you wil probably end up selling the box kelly. And, please dont feel bad about it.

    My husband always says, when I am looking at certain things (like box sellier kellys), "This is for the life you think you should have" whereas when he sees a black retourne togo kelly he says, "This is for the life you have." I always listen - he hasnt been wrong yet. There are some women for whom this would be completely opposite (the black rigid box is clearly an iconic bag), but based on your post, I suspect that you are probably never going to get $6K+ worth of use out of it.
  12. JM, your DH is very very wise.
  13. Thank you Orchids!

    Kim mac, I hope I wasnt too presumptuous - One of my friends has a black box sellier kelly bag with gold hardware and she carries it all the time (when she is not carrying her cognac ostrich birkin with gold hardware, that is), but her life is very different from mine. For me, either of these bags would look and feel ridiculous. For her, they are perfect. I just am saying, if you are not carrying it, and if you are already feeling maybe you should have gotten a retourne chevre...maybe the first one wasnt quite the one. The problem is, these bags are so hard to find, and then you have to make up your mind with very little time usually, there is usually a lot of pressure to decide and there is always the fear of passing something up. Its often impossible to know with absolute certainty whether its going to work out in the long run.
    Also, forgive me if I was presumptious to assume that tying up the resources (the 6K) was an issue - for me, that would be more than I could justify for something I wasnt going to use at least once every couple of weeks. However, I recognize that is not the same for everyone. I should not have imposed my own economic assumptions. I was just trying to be helpful (and supportive of your instincts on this)
  14. thanks everyone for sharing your opinions. jedimaster, i totally appreciate your comments. you are right in that these bags are so limited and when given the opportunity, i feel pressured to decide. also, no matter how much money a person has, $7K is a lot of money to pay for a bag.

    i carried my black box kelly today for the first time. of course i inspected the bag and rubbed out random scratches that she picked up throughout the day but i felt less paranoid after each one. my SA says it's like a new car -- first scratch hurts the most...then you get used to it. also box is supposed to look better as time goes and the patina develops.

    will try to use the black box kelly here and there, and see if my future bj birkin proves to be an everyday bag. if it doesn't, then i'll consider a black chevre retourne then (and perhaps i'll have developed a better relationship with my SA to be able to make a podium order or get one in paris someday).

    i just need to decide if i should save the black box for special occasions (and have her looking pristine and feel special) or start that patina with everyday use...maybe i'll wait until bj birkin shows up.
  15. Sorry, can't talk you out of it since i have three, lol. But, I hear your pain. I say go ahead and buy the chevre kelly and if you never use the 28cm box one, you can always sell it. For a lot of us trial and error is a process to finding out what makes you happiest. Best of luck and enjoy her until you decide.