Talk Me Out of Cheating

  1. Help me know my general feeling right now about being blahed out. I keep going over to Balenciaga and staring at pretty colors. Big bags. All leather. Smooshy, toss around bags.
    Cons: Don't hold their value sometimes....leather gets stained on handles, corners rub, etc.

    Talk me out of it gals....I need to hear some good things about Louis Vuitton.........suggest a hot LV bag to take my mind off of Bbags!
  2. mm...sorry Twigs, I'm in the same boat as you..LOL..i keep looking at Spy bags, and Bbags, and Gucci. I think it's okay to have other types of brands, you don't have to just have LV in your closet kwim. Buuuut if you want to stay with should get something in azur...a Saleya perhaps? or if you want LE, why not the new MC bags???

    or should jsut be patient and save some money cuz something will come up later on that you will love and can just buy right away!!!!
  3. i want the big BV hobo. been wanting it a LONG time.

    cant help you.
  4. LOL you guys crack me up!!
  5. Noooo..I am going to TALK YOU INTO IT, a balenciaga that is!! Balenciaga ALWAYS holds their value and they will last FOREVER:smile::smile: Go ahead and cheat..LV is awesome too but Balenciaga is calling your name:yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. Don't do it!! LOL!!

    Just think, it's only the summer months and when the fall stuff comes out there is going to be some awesome stuff that you are gonna want soooo bad. So, just think of it like if you save a little now...then you can get MORE stuff then! LOL!! Or something like that.....

    I hope this is a little help...
  7. I cannot compare Balenciaga to LV. Balenciaga is gorgeous but it doesn't compare to the classiness of LV. I will admit I have drooled over some of those bags but no one has ever had the same effect on me as LV. DONT DO IT!!!!
  8. I wont talk you out of getting a Bbag! I had a look at them the other day, and i was dissapointed with this seasons leather. I know you have to be careful on the seasons because the leather varies so much! I prefer veiny leather but i know the majority hate it!
    You should get a Bbag, a city or a part time, they are the best imo! Oh and what colour are you going for?! I would die for an eggplant city! Love cornflower and rose as well! oh and the GH!!! ahh love it! Lol i think i should venture over to the Bbag side the way im talking! xx
  9. maybe the resale value is not as high??? that's all i can come up with. those bags are beautiful, but I can't tell the fake from the real...I'm not educated in Balenciaga
  10. LOL Luva...I think it's the smooshy unstructured leather that is calling to me! Or maybe the choice of colors! The bags are so casual. UGH I don't know!!!
    Maybe I just need a trip to Chicago and an LV boutique and I'll feel better!

    As for fall...the only things remotely calling my name are the monotechno...and only because it is a speedy! I also want something Amarante (then I NEED another Roxbury?)....and maybe purple Epi (but I NEED another speedy)?
    Maybe Suhali? I love the Lockit PM in black with the contrast stitching.....I also love the Le Tal!
    I hope we start getting some better look book info on fall lines in soon....or I may defect over to Balenciaga!

  11. Yea...I think it all depends on the season/color...some go cheap others go above retail! And sometimes they go on sale (which I HATE!)
  12. I agreed with Traci! Twiggers, you're going to regret it especially when LV starts premiering the F/W '08 bags.
  13. I can't talk you out of cheating, I've been cheating with CHANEL (if you check the CHANEL subforum and my sig,:sweatdrop:). I agree with Jill, it's okay to have other types of brands, you don't have to just have LV in your closet....

    BTW, I think bbags hold their values really well, sometimes better than LV!! Since they change colors every season, so for some rare ones, you can probably resell it near the RRP!!
  14. Yep! Wait to autumn!

    If you're tired of monogram and busy prints, there are LOTS of TDF new epi models! Also, dont' overlook the greatness of suhali and taiga.

    Louis Vuitton is a lot more fun and playful than all the brands you mentioned! Don't forget the colours of all the monogram series; Vernis is coming out in amarante and currently has a yummy selection of framboise, perle, pomme. Mini Lin and Epi is updated in summery dune and ivoire!

    The tossaround-factor is high in most canvas LV bags, LV has the greatest sortiment of models in the bag world, make sure that you explore it thoroughly before moving on!

    (did that help...?)
  15. I know pinki! I wish they would hurry up already so that I know EXACTLY what they look like so I can make some decisions!
    Although...hubby recently told me I have a budget for Fall that doesn't include the bags I'm I should be OK for one or two new F/W bags.