talk me out of buying the monogram cabby gm?

  1. i tried it on in store today and absolutely fell in love with it. but is it more of a trend bag? is it worth paying that much money for a denim(fabric) bag? and is it widely faked? oh lastly, has the price gone up on them? or have they alwasy been at the current price... tia ladies.

    i guess it's kind of a silly thing to do by coming on the lv board to ask to be talked out of buying an lv bag, but i guess i just wanted to hear some opnions and not make an impulse buy
  2. I have an MM and I love it. It is my fave LV bag and I have quite a bit. it is also my 3rd denim bag (big fan herre) and just as jeans will always be in style I think the bag will too.

    As far as I know the bag has been the same price since its debut.
  3. i actually think this one is going to stick around for a while! its so practical and cute!
  4. Sorry, can't talk you out of it. Granted this is only my 8th or so LV bag, but it is my favorite.
  5. I can't talk you out of it because I would love to have one. I think they will be "in style" for quite some time. It's a gorgoeus bag.
  6. If I didn't already have a denim bag, this would be the one for me......The only thing that would "talk me out" of a bag would be the anticipation of waiting for the newer styles LV will be releasing in the next few months!!!
  7. Ok, I am probably the only one who may be able to "help you". I actually liked the GM and tried in on at the store. Love the black denim. But the GM looked huge on me (I'm 5'3) and I don't know whether i want another denim bag. Granted that I like the black one, I don't think I want to spend this much on the denim bag (this will be my 3rd one) and I have other bags on my wishlist. In any case, the MM is sold out in my country at the moment, and the bag was rather heavy the last time i tried it, so I think i will stick to my decision for the time being.

    I personally think the black is worth getting (denim is a really hard-wearing material) and the prices have not gone up since it's been newly released.

    Good luck!
  8. It is a great bag. It is so cute.
  9. i can't talk you out of it, as I hope to get on black for my b-day.
  10. can't talk you out of it since i LOVE my black mm. personally, i think it won't go out of style. the cabby is really low maintenance since there is no vachetta to fuss about.
  11. Sorry can't talk you out of it as I use my black MM all the time and LOVE it. It is a perfect size and goes with practically everything and can't forget how beautiful it looks!
  12. sorry - no help here!
    its a great bag!
  13. Can't talk you out of it! I have the MM in black and LOVE it!! This is my 3rd denim's so wearable and totally low maintenance. Go for it!
  14. Hi, i have the MM and i can't 'help' you either :shame: it is definitely a practical bag and so low maintainance. Denim will always be in and be a classic no matter what. I liked the fabric for being soft and i especially love how the bag can be carried in various ways..
  15. What happens if you get caught in the rain? Does the water go through the denim?