Talk me into wanting an Apple Green City(pre-loved)!!!

  1. I stumbled upon the chance to purchase a pre-loved Apple Green City. The leather is not broken in yet(low usage), the handles are not darkened(maybe it was cleaned up). The edges are slightly discoloured(lightened due to cleaning I presumed) due to wear. Throughout the bag, the colour did not fade very much or at all, maybe parts of it but it is not obvious unless you scrutunize. I took the mirror to compare. The bales look OK, the shoulder strap look the same. I had my EB City with me today so I could compare. Overall the bag is in very good condition. The tags look fine, *N* & the *degree* is close & it's an *A*. I also like the not too thin nor too thick leather. Now, I do love yellow greens or even apple green but I think APPLE GREEN is too stark & bright & lovelier as a piece than on me(or a part of my entire get up). I never imagined Apple Green to be this bright & cheery & GORGEOUS!!! While I was highly attracted to the colour, I am not sure I can carry an Apple Green. But I have heard lots about the 05 leather & thought to add this to my family but would I even use it to love it?

    1. I would prefer not to spend on any more bags but then I have not been buying anything(not even toiletries) so I think I can justify another bag. Besides it is almost mid month so that means end of the month is just round the corner.

    2. I have been sunning myself so I am relatively tanned skin. With the crazy sun & with me running outdoors 3 to 5X a week, I am definitely going up a few more shades. Would Apple Green also scream ATTENTION since it would stand out A LOT against tanned skin?

    So...should I??? :confused1:
  2. too many againsts than fors, to me. save the money!
  3. Wow..sounds to me like you have just talked YOURSELF out of this bag..give it the old 24 hour test and look at it my minds eye (here in the frigid ice and mud woods) the vision of you all tan and running with a bright apple green bag sounds like hope of Spring..and truly? 05 leather? all they say and more.. and imagine apple green with something pink like a Money or CP..mmmm:girlsigh:
  4. If you have to talk yourself into it, then you probably shouldn't get it.
  5. I agree with goldilocks, if you need to be talked into buying the bag it would probably be another one of those bags that just sit in the closet :shrugs:

    Don't buy it beacause "IT'S AN 05!!!" Buy it if you love it.
  6. i wouldnt buy it... i know apple green is very sought after, but that's not a very good reason for buying one. if you need convincing to buy it - you're not gonna get it from me :p i dont want to talk someone into splurging $1000+ on a bag they're not totally in love with.
  7. I agree with the other comments. At first I was thinking "buy it!" because it is such a stunning colour ... but I'm like you, not sure how the colour would work for me. I would just love to sit and stare at it! So I say wait until you find something you absolutely love and know you'll make great use out of.
  8. Thanks for all your inputs! My heart is really saying NO so you all re-affirm me. BUT I still think I need to sleep over it. :girlsigh:
  9. ITA with the other girls, don't buy it cause it's an 05, hold out for one in a color you truly love!! :smile: that being said, it is a gorgeous colorrr....
  10. I agree with the other ladies. If it takes convincing and you have a list with more cons than pros, it's probably not for you. I guess it's a matter of following your head or your heart =P
  11. If you need talking into it-def think about it...I love the color; but is it as wearable as you think??....check your outfits and see....
  12. That's a tough call! It definitely sounds like you have to many reasons not to go for it though. I would skip it :p
  13. hmmm i'd say get it cause i totally would want's on my wishlist..but if it's not the color for you then don't spend the should get something you really really want over just getting it because you thin it's a good buy..
  14. I also think you should let this one go. There are so many options out there for other colors that I'm sure you can find one that you won't hesitate over. Wait for that bag, and then since you've been being frugal, you can just grab it with no hesitation.
  15. That's a really tough call - I'm not sure what I would do if I were in your position. I love the AG also, but I have often had doubts about whether it would work with my coloring and if I would really enjoying carrying it as much as looking at it!! I definitely agree that since you're having such strong doubts it might be better to pass on it.