Talk me into Vert Gazon

  1. I love the Vert Gazon (Grass Green) colour but will I use it? :shrugs:

    I need some enabling, please! :p
  2. OMG! I love this color!
    I just posted on another thread that I carry a Grass Green bag around Barney's every time I go in there!! I picture a bright white tee and a great tan and that TDF bag! *sigh* .... but I know I would probably MAYBE wear it ONCE!
    Do you think YOU would use it?? If so, go for it! It's awesome! :yes:
  3. I am in love, love with this color. In fact my first BBag was a Vert Gazon GH Day. Love it sooo much.

    It IS a brilliant, lovely, lush green. I wouldn't even call it bright because it isn't bright but it IS BOLD.

    I see myself carrying it everyday with everything because my summer wardrobe is always white, khaki, demin, skirts and dresses so it will really pop my clothing.

    Can you see yourself carrying it?
  4. [​IMG]

    :graucho: Here's mine...Go for it!
  5. I'm definitely warming up to Gazon. It's a gorgeous summer color. I picture it with a pair of jeans, thongs, comfy t-shirt and a good tan! AND did you know that green is the only color that doesn't fatigue the eyes? You can view your new bag as a break or therapy for your eyes! ;)
  6. I sold my Emerald Twiggy last year and had *big* sellers remorse. I was going to hunt another down, then lo and behold the Vert Gazon came out. When I saw it at Saks, they had an Emerald Day and the Vert just popped. P.O.P.P.E.D. All of a sudden, the Emerald seemed dull.

    I love it so much I had to have the little wallet : )

    Go for it!

    I wish you well,

  7. Yes, definitely go for it! It's a beautiful color, it's easy on the eyes, yet with so much POP that it's eye-catching...

    Enabled enough?
  8. yes, I think it would be an especially gorgeous summer or spring color! Right now if it is winter where u live ? it is hard to picture w/the drab cloudy, snowy weather...but under a sunny bright blue cloud, the ocean in your background, the wind blowing your hair wild....can u now picture it???
  9. ACEGIRL: that bag is BEAUTIFUL!!!! :wtf: :drool:

    I LOVE green...I would buy one in this color, except I already have a Sapin bag.
  10. I LOVE the color but personally can't pull off a bright green bag (or at least that is what I tell myself.) My solution was to get a vert gazon coin purse to satisfy my urge. If you are unsure, how about starting out with an accessory and if you love it, get the bag?
  11. I was going to say the same thing :yes:
    That way, if you don't absolutely love the color, or love the color but know you have nothing to wear it with, you'll still have a functional accessory but you did not spend nearly as much as you would have on a bag
  12. I love it! I have it in the First and I've been using it a lot. I especially like wearing it with turquoise, teal, shades of purple, magenta, pink, grey, navy and of course white. I think it goes with a lot and really makes my outfits. Go for it!
  13. I have it in the day gh and it is a great color. and you will be surprised at how many different things it goes with. I say go for it!!:smile:
  14. It's beautiful. If I didn't have an 05 apple green I would definitely get it !
  15. I'm new kinda round here... so first of all HI!!
    I have a Vert Gazon first, I've had her 5 days now and don't regret going for such a bold colour at all!! I lost an auction on eBay for a Magenta Day and was so peeved I impulse bought a Vert Gazon First from Tedstar on eBay!! *blush*

    I LOVE her, I've actually named her Iggy as I think she's looks kinda like an iguana!! Hehe!

    I've carried her everyday for the last 5 days, she goes with every colour imo! I've worn her with black skinny jeans, brown, white, pink, red... I love that she is such a bold colour as she makes a real statement and causes quite a stir from envious girls!!
    However I'm not one for being plain jane and I like to wear colour, if you don't, you can still wear her! Just wear plain colours and use the VG to "pop" your outfit! :biggrin:
    I recommend her, 100%! I'm off to the Maldives on honeymoon 2nd week of May and I know she is going to work with my whole holiday wardrobe! :biggrin: Plus the tan I am determined to get!!! :biggrin:

    Have I convinced you yet?? Lol!!!