Talk me into or out of the Mini Sofia

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  1. I have been looking at the Deep Purple Mini Sofia but I have not been convinced enough to take the plunge.
    ~I have never seen this color and I didn't see any actual pictures of the color in my search for the Mini Sofia. (Did this color come in another bag that I can search?)
    ~The description says soft leather, which doesn't tell me a lot. Can anyone elaborate? The only Ignes leather I have to compare is my baby Millie and that leather is Not soft.
    ~It is 50% off, but I am kind of hoping for an additional coupon code... I am supposed to be on a ban.
    So should I go for it (and why), wait it out for more discounts, or walk away?

    I am leaving for the evening, but I will check back in the AM. Any input and convincing is appreciated! :flowers:
  2. Hope to catch you before you go....but the sale ends tonight at 11:59 EST!
  3. So it is still in my online shopping cart and check-out-able at the sale price, but I am still not convinced. Anyone have any opinions on the leather or color? Please?
  4. Sale still available (not sure through when since it should have expired) through this link
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  6. I know Greenpixie has this color in a mini ormala. I personally love this deep purple, the only reason I didn't order my mini ormala in this color was because I've already purchased 2 purple bags at that moment. I've been eyeing this mini sofia on AA for a while,too, but I'm not so fond of the sofia style, that was why I haven't taken the plunge. Let me look for greenpixie's pic. for you.
  7. it may be soft, but if it's GP's leather, it is a bit on the structured side. I think it would break in and soften nicely, but not smoosh like, say, the tinted leathers.

    If you want to wait and save up for when you are not on a ban, you could always get swatches and custom order the perfect bag. But, this is a great way to try out the style in this size for a great price!! The purple is really pretty, I believe I have it on a midi sofia combined with another leather. It is a gorgeous dark purple. I just haven't used it yet so can't add to GP's comments about the leather structure.

    I think you will not regret getting it. But if you are on the fence, well, there are other great opportunities to try the mini Sofia!
  8. Actually it's not this one. I remember I have seen preview pics. + reveal pics. of this bag other than the one I already posted. I'm gonna go search harder now! I really love this purple tone!
  9. It's gone off the site....did you get it CZ?
  10. Sorry, busy day at work... I still see it available, but yes, I did get it! :nuts:
    I still want to learn more about it, and I am having fun reading all the threads posted. But you convinced me. I hope it does wear in well as Euridice thinks it may. Either way, I am always excited about a beautiful purple addition! But now I am definitely banned!
  11. OK, so someone needs to fess up on the GIB Mini-O....(I have my suspicions...LOL)
  12. It was me :yahoo: