Talk me into or out of mandarin...please, I am on the fence.

  1. Well, I have been wishy washy on mandarin since last year! I almost bought a bucket last year, but talked myself out of it.

    When I was at stanfornd NM they had quite a few styles, of course it got my wheels while tPF was down this morning I called the 866 line...I was surprised there was about 3 styles that I like still available...but I just couldn't bring myself to do a charge send.

    Will I really use an orange bag enough to justify the purchase.

    Yeah it would be great at halloween, but really what does orange go with?
  2. OH... mandarin is one of my big LV regrets! I would die for a mandarin Speedy or Alma. It would go well with brown, red, beige... and I think it will add a bit of pop regardless of whatever you're wearing.
  3. I have no use for an orange bag either but I am kicking myself for not getting anything in the color. It is simply stunning. It'll be all gone soon so snatch it up now!
  4. Tink.. I have waffled over the mandarin bucket or speedy more than once.. I could never bring myself to actually buy it. I do adore the color and I think it would go great with most everything neutral.
  5. Mandarin is GORGEOUS. I don't use my Jasmin AS much as my other bags but when I'm wearing white or a shade of peach, I use it and love it.
  6. i love the mandarin. it's one of the best colors in epi that LV has ever put out. i regret only getting a wallet way back when and missed out on the purses! i think they look great with dark denim and a cool black top. get it!!
  7. I really love the color and I think you could use it more than when it's halloween ;) Seems to fit most occasions to me.
  8. i would loove a mandarin piece esp a wallet or SPEEDY...omg or the souflout (sp?) if I had the chance to get one I'd get the speedy...i love the punch of's kinda like yellow (brightens up my outfit) anywho...I'm talking you into it tink! kinda reminds me of hermes too...

    i think it would go great with jeans, b & w of course and probably grey...all basic colors we all have in our wardrobe
  9. You must get one they are so nice.
  10. I only have the agenda in mandarin, but I have to say that I really love it. The color is so rich and goes with the epi texture so well. I love looking in my bag and the color just pops at me. It's a burst of sunshine!
    In terms of using a mandarin bag, I think it would go great with most neutral colors! It would be awesome with jeans and a white shirt/blouse or a navy/grey suit. Wow!
  11. I can't honestly talk you out of mandarin. It my favourite LV creation of all time.
  12. Like orange sherbert against neutrals and pastel. So pretty!
  13. I love mandarin!!!! Go for it!! Orange goes with a lot!!!
  14. I agree the color can be a little loud, but it really is pretty! I like the accessories more then the bags!
  15. I love mandarin - what styles are your choices?