Talk me into keeping this MJ.

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  1. Okay we all know about the sale at NM and BG this week. I jumped and bought a MK snakeskin and linen purse (rolled linen handles and wood/gold bead work on the front). A dynamite Summer bag, with gold leather interior and lots of pockets, the bag is @11X12X4. I think the purse was 1300 dollars originally and I sniped it for 650.

    I've been looking for natural (straw, raffia, woven etc.) purse for EVER. Apparently this was the last one because when I rechecked the listing it had disappeared.

    Well I got the purse within a day and it really is terrific....but? well? I feel like I kind of settled? Maybe I should have waited for something better? If there is such a thing.

    All the purses that fit my above catagory description are really expensive, like 1300 on up.

    I got this purse fast and easy and don't know what to think?:shrugs:
  2. You never settle for a purse. TAKE IT BACK! You'll find something you'll never want to get rid of eventually.
  3. If you need someone to talk you into keeping it, then you should be taking it back. Use the money to buy a purse no one could ever talk you out of keeping!!! Good luck!!!
  4. Agree with E and sharbear! Never keep something unless you absolutely love it!
  5. Never talk yourself into keeping something. Trust me, have done it many times and never carried the bags. Wait for something that speaks to your style and taste.
  6. do you have a picture? I'm curious because I'm not sure what bag this is
  7. I agree, don't settle! But post a pic too!
  8. I agree....If you're having second thoughts..It's always a sign you're "not in LOVE.." Do the right thing and take it back..Keep the $$ for a killer bag!!!
    :heart: Emmy