Talk me into keeping this MJ.


Dec 11, 2006
Okay we all know about the sale at NM and BG this week. I jumped and bought a MK snakeskin and linen purse (rolled linen handles and wood/gold bead work on the front). A dynamite Summer bag, with gold leather interior and lots of pockets, the bag is @11X12X4. I think the purse was 1300 dollars originally and I sniped it for 650.

I've been looking for natural (straw, raffia, woven etc.) purse for EVER. Apparently this was the last one because when I rechecked the listing it had disappeared.

Well I got the purse within a day and it really is terrific....but? well? I feel like I kind of settled? Maybe I should have waited for something better? If there is such a thing.

All the purses that fit my above catagory description are really expensive, like 1300 on up.

I got this purse fast and easy and don't know what to think?:shrugs:


Aug 2, 2006
If you need someone to talk you into keeping it, then you should be taking it back. Use the money to buy a purse no one could ever talk you out of keeping!!! Good luck!!!

I agree....If you're having second thoughts..It's always a sign you're "not in LOVE.." Do the right thing and take it back..Keep the $$ for a killer bag!!!
:heart: Emmy