Talk me into it!

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  1. (or talk me out of it! LOL)

    I've had my eye on Ms. Bonnie for a while and I'm trying to talk myself into bringing her home with me. Any opinions, recommendations, pros/cons would be super helpful!

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  2. I didn't care for the way she folded over so I returned it.
  3. omg I have been stalking her (in a diff color) on the bay, and even though I am not a fan of the fold over aspect, I saw where you can hook the strap on the inside of the bag and it looks like a sort of "structured hippie"

    I am talking you into it!
  4. Thanks Jenna! I was worried it'd be a hassle to lift the fold and unbutton to get into the bag...
  5. i dont have this im of no help, alot of the gals got her during the 20% weekends though. i liked them though, all the SAs were wearing them. enablers!
    ps-reverie-you are too stinkin cute for your own good in your avatar!
  6. Awww thank you wifeyb! :blush::blush:
  7. I almost got this bag last time I was at the outlet(walked around with it forever!) but decided against it, as I didn't really love the way it folds I think it would be a little hard to get in and out of frequently. Other than that its a gorgeous bag!
  8. I want to like this bag, but I just can't grow to love her.
  9. i like it, but don't love it. i actually had it and returned it. i can't control the strap or the fold. i felt like i would want that aspect to be controllable. and it doesn't take much to make it buldge. now...for the right price, it might still be under consideration
  10. I really liked this bag in pictures. When I tried it on IRL it somehow seemed awkward on me. I still think it is cute though.
  11. I wanted to like it and I tried, believe me but I ended up taking mine back. It didn't fold the way I thought it would and wasn't the most flattering bag either. Here's the pic I posted in my thread:

  12. I'm guessing if you have to be talked into it, it's not love! Maybe you should keep looking !
  13. Ditto - I carried it around the outlet for a LONG time. I just couldn't get into the way it folds. Awkwardish...
  14. I love my Bonnie Signature Foldover bag. She's easy to carry and so unique. I carry in a crossbody using the strap of my Parker Hippie. I use it everyday to work. I don't wear the bag folded. I carry the bag like this everyday. So comfortable to use!!

  15. Hey thanks girl, it looks so fab on you!