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  1. (well, we all know its not ME you have to talk into, its actually my husband)

    I am so wanting/needing to take a trip to the outlet again this weekend. But I am trying to of course only go in for the one thing I am allowing and back out (yeah right, but at least he will buy it..haha). Anyways, I really want a wrislet to use as a cosmetic case for my make up, glosses, etc. So yeah... He says I can go, but he wants a 'quote price'. Im not really looking for something fancy, but I do want PINK. So he told me to ask yall... haha.

    Any ideas on if I can get a solid color wristlet under $100?? (I prefer pink, but it doesnt have to be)
  2. Maybe they will have a presidential sale!!
  3. I think you can even get a nice wristlet for $30. It just depends on what you want. For a make up case you can definitely get it for $30. I don't know what kind the outlet has for this time. I did not pay attention on them but I'm sure you'll get a great deal on them.
  4. They may have the pink capacity ergo wristlets for $79 - 10%.

    I was told that they may run this promotion through this weekend!

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone!!!

    BarbPixie... thanks soo much. That will be one I ask for. LOL
  6. Weren't the Amanda capacity wristlets (including magenta) going for $49.99?
    That was the lowest quote I'd heard lately...
  7. Orlando had a slew of the Amanda capacity wristlets in pink (and also in green) in the 50% off clearance bins today -- I think they were $45 after discount.
  8. I saw a rose pink ergo capacity wristlet for $79 and then they had a 10%off coupon, but that may have been for saturday only. They also had pink leather turnlock capacity wristlets for the same price. (41503?) Maybe you can find a amanda capacity wristlet as well, in the 80-90s I m thinking? :smile:
  9. I was going to suggest the ergo capacity or the Amanda wristlets. They both hold a lot.
  10. I may be late to the party, but the Amanda cosmetics cases are running about $27 at my outlet! Beautiful and a great deal!