Talk me into it....PLEASE! PICS~


Which jack and Lucie with my collection?

  1. Orange and White

  2. Monogram

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  1. I just got jack and lucie from elux. I thought It was the orange and white ones...It is not:crybaby: ...I need some help in talking myself into keeping the darker colors. My bag collection is this.... What do you guys think would be the better colors for me? Please be honest. The following is with the Mono jack and Lucie with some PICS!

    Damier speedy (We know this will work)
    Mono BH (we know this will work)
    Lilac Jasmin (Ummmm...)
    Mandarin speedy (This works)
    MC Alma ??
    Red Alma (NO I think didn't even try)
    Mat Blue Stockton ??
    Toledo Petite Noe (No??)
    Vanilla Soufflot (I think this works

    Which ones would I be better off with? Orange VS. Mono...

    Thank you so much...~ Ghost
    jack and lucie mono 001.jpg jack and lucie mono 002.jpg jack and lucie mono 003.jpg jack and lucie mono 004.jpg jack and lucie mono 005.jpg
  2. Just a couple of more pics...;)
    jack and lucie mono 006.jpg jack and lucie mono 007.jpg jack and lucie mono 008.jpg
  3. hmmmmm... i love jack & lucie- both colors, actually. i feel like mono will get you more year round use, whereas the orange and white feels a little more halloween (to me). with that said, i would carry EITHER HAPPILY year round!!! so, i'm no help. congrats on jack & lucie, though- also, your collection is stunning!
  4. ^^^ Thank you I am struggling...I alos forgot my fuschia bedford, but I know they won't look to good on that:sad:
  5. I actually like the Monogram one better!
  6. I prefer the mono one also, it goes so perfectly with monogram canvas, I love it!
  7. I agree with the above. The mono looks great with your bags. I say keep 'em!
  8. Keep it. It looks great with your gorgeous collection. Would have been a harder choice had it been the MC Pastilles.
  9. Thanks all~ It looks like more are saying the mono...funny I never even thought about the mono until it showed up on my doorstep...must rethink..:yes:
  10. Ghost- go for the mono.. for sure....
  11. Keep it!!!! :yes:

    BTW...dang, girl, you've got a nice collection! :yes:
  12. mono looks better on the bags!
  13. Major adorableness. MUST keep. They look so very happy on your lovely collection.:yes:
  14. I'd keep it... and I love your collection!
  15. would you use it as a keychain instead of a bag charm? b.c then it wouldn't really matter about the colors... i'm so jealous of your jack & lucie! :greengrin: