Talk me into it or out of it....

  1. Ok, so I'm going to be in Paris in less than a week and I'm thinking about purchasing a palladium black leather collier de chien bracelet. Originally I was thinking about a medor watch, but the collier de chien bracelet seems more striking - I've tried both on. I'm trying to decide because either this or a black medium Muse or a Goyard bag would be my main purchase, I'm planning on getting some other things and I don't want to go too crazy (although I just got a raise, literally two weeks ago!)

    My style is sort of edgy feminine. I have this tote by Prada that I think would be perfect with it, along with my ballet flats and tees with shrugs. Then again I think I could dress it up with heels and a clutch. What do you ladies think?

    Perhaps I should let the moment overtake me but I just can't seem to decide!

  2. I bought that same bracelet but returned it as 1 my husband hated it and two i felt like i need to dress up when i tried it on ie needed to be edgier if thats a word ... but i still love it on other people...:yes:
  3. OH what a terrible choice to make!! I am a huge fan of both the bracelet and Goyard (lets forget the Muse). I would get...both!!! Really! great investments!! im bad but you know thats how things get done- you've got to make sacrifices, in this case your money and food for a week! :smile:
  4. its not an easy bracelet to wear with something like khaki's or a tea dress in a shy pastel color. this is definetely a "i command you to think about what you're going to wear" bracelet. some people might feel pressured. totally understandable.
  5. I am a little worried that the Muse would be 'over' soon and it would be better to purchase a Boldie next year instead or maybe its possible for me to get the Goyard and the Hermes bracelet - I would just feel a guilty.

    My casual wardrobe involves alot of simple grey and black pieces, so it would definitely fit in.
  6. Goyard + H Bracelet = Heaven! :tender:
  7. I love the look of the Muse but go to the YSL board and read about some quality probs with these. I'd much rather see you buy the Goyard, bracelet and get a Bolide at a later time. Sounds like such a fun trip!
  8. Love the bracelet although I've not tried one on but I think I would love it!
  9. Well, I love my collier de chiens, so I say go for it. Of the non-H items, I can't say because I know nothing outside of this subforum.
  10. Oh, I love the Muse! Not a huge fan of Goyard, and the new YSL line is fabulous! But I am unsure of what issues they have been having like GT mentioned- so definitely check it out. All I have heard as that Muse owners love them!

    But go for whichever one you fall in love with! That is all that matters!
  11. Good point about the quality issues with the Muse, I would probably go crazy if my new bag's threads began to come undone!

    Jag - many Muse owners have posted that the threads on the outside of the bag begin to unravel after a couple of weeks or so. There is a thread about it in the YSL subforum. I love the shape of the Muse but this made me very nervous.
  12. ^ Yeah, and they can't take ANY rain. I got about an inch away from buying one until I read this.
  13. That would freak me out too! I had never heard of that before (probably because I am always in here or Chloe:P). I wonder if that problem has been corrected on the new line?
  14. Greentea, I didn't know about the rain issue, I'm going to read up on that...I think any bag that can't even get a slight sprinkling of water is a problem (well at least for me).
  15. I wonder how long Hermes has been carrying the collier de chien bracelets? I've noticed some vintage belts on Ebay but no vintage bracelets.