Talk me into buying an Azur Galliera...


Feb 16, 2008
hello beautiful people of the LV forum!

i have been eyeing the azur galliera for a while. in order to get it, i would have to sell two of my gucci bags that have been in the closet for the past 6 months (the wave hobo with ivory trim and the black medium leather horsebit hobo). *not trying to sell here, just sharing my story and looking for advice* ;)

anyways, what would you do...sell the bags for the azur galliera? would it be worth it?

how high maintenance is this bag? color transfer? i am fearful of vachetta, but it is not a handheld so i am thinking that is better...any major problems i should be aware of with this bag?

my current lv collection is:
-the damier ebene speedy 30
-the mono beaubourg
*i am looking to add the galliera azur and the vernis sunset blvd in amarante soon

i would love opinions please!!!!:graucho:


Aug 5, 2007
you should sell those 2 gucci bags if you are not gonna use them... and put the money towards something that you will use more...

i hate the dark patina on the azur... thats why i dont own any azur bags... and since azur galliera is a shoulder bag, it should be less of a problem to have color transfer from dark blue jeans (the problem people have with azur speedy/handheld bag).

but the vachetta wont stay WHITE forever... the vachetta will get a patina eventually...

Good luck!

p.s. i do thnk azur galliera is HOT! :yes:


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Mar 8, 2008
ita, if you aren't using the bags there is no use in keeping them around...sell them for a bag you will use. The galliera is gorgeous in azur! if you take care of it and keep the patina even it will age gorgeously!
Jul 23, 2006
Since you're not using the other bags, definitely sell them. The Azur Galliera is a wonderful bag and very comfortable to carry. It's also beautiful. It would also add variety to your collection. Have I convinced you yet??


Dec 4, 2008
I just got back from LV, and tried the Azur Galliera PM on. I ended up buying an Azur Totally MM, though, because it felt more comfortable on my shoulder, which I prefer to handheld. But the Galliera is a beautiful purse--it was a very tough choice! I think it's worth selling other bags you're not enjoying to fund it!

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Mar 26, 2009
If the two Gucci bags are just sitting in your closet, you should definitely sell them. Get something you will use, be it the Galliera Azur or a completely different bag. I have my eye on it too so I'm not the one to try and convince you because I'm not entirely convinced myself. Go to LV and try it on, see if it's comfortable, functional and something that fits your style.


Sep 19, 2008
If you're not using them, sell them. No sense having them collect dust. As for the Azur Galliera, get it if you're going to use. Don't sell two purses that sit in the closet for one that will also sit in the closet. Whatever you do, let us know :smile:


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Mar 21, 2009
i love the azur galliera! i also think it looks beautiful with the patina. im not sure why many ppl here don't like patina, imo its what makes LV unique and stand out ( no other bags do this). i would only sell your other ones if your not using them otherwise you might regret it. and yes the azur would be a little trickier to take care of, you would just have to be more careful with this one...yes definitely get it!!


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Aug 6, 2006
I have a mono galliera and love it. I personally don't care for azur because I don't like the way the dark patina looks on azur plus the color transfer issues. Why don't you think about special-ordering a damier ebene one? I saw the one they had on display today and it is LOVELY! I probably would have bought it IF I didn't have to wait three months!


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Apr 14, 2008
This is not the Azur but it is the Galliera-It is one of my favorite bags-I love how easy it is to use- so I say-sell your two bags and get the galliera!:tup:


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Mar 8, 2009
eh... i have the galliera pm and it is beauty of a bag but comes with some baggage (literally)

~ the metal loops make the leather black and there is NO way around this. ya ya, you can use your white eraser or baby wipes but seriously...?? i don't like to treat my bags like they are a 2 month old child that need constant nursing.

the black marks would really stand out with the azur, especially before the patina. the inside of this bag is just waiting to get dirty as well. it is an almost white color. but but but... you can always the purse to go in a size jumbo ( just got mine in the mail yesterday) if you put it inside out, it does keep my brain at ease knowing it is less likely to get dirty. i have had the bag for over a year now and i think i have only used it 2 or 3 times.... not an every day bag because of its high maintance.

of course, this is all my very own personal opinion on the bag. cannot say i don't love mine, i see it over on my dresser looking at me this very moment. you and i both have the same beaubourg and damier speedy.... we have some things in common :smile: you cannot toss the galliera around like those bags.

i still vote for louis vuitton.... i am not such a gucci girl, gave my first and only gucci bag away just this month infact.